What Is In Tiburon Weed?
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MS 13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, is a rapidly expanding criminal organization that has significant sway over the nation’s politics, military power, and economy. They pose a threat to both El Salvador and Honduras and have connections to the expanding Mexican drug cartels.

The gang was founded in Los Angeles in the 1970s with the initial goal of defending immigrants from El Salvador from the dangers posed by other gangs in the city. But as time went on, they transformed into a criminal enterprise. They are renowned for their brutality, and the 18th Street Gang is their main competitor.

MS 13 has profited from the drug trade in the area, and recently they have benefited from a genetically modified strain of marijuana that is more addictive than cocaine. Its name, Tiburon, means “shark,” in Spanish.

Tiburon has reportedly been making MS 13 a fortune, while its precise composition and components are still unknown. One of the MS 13 members who agreed to be interviewed by VICE World News claims, “We’ve sold a lot. There are many addicts in Tiburon right now. Nearly as addictive as cocaine… Everyone now consumes it, from very young children to very old individuals”.

MS 13 has been selling drugs on Honduras’ streets since the 1990s. This region is well known for serving as a key hub for the trafficking of illegal substances headed for the United States. Tiburon, also known as Krispy, was first sold by MS 13 before the pandemic reached Honduras.

El Ardilla, a different gang member, tells VICE World News that “we make about 8,000 to 10,000 lempiras ($328-409) every day.” He picks up a pack of the enigmatic medication. “This costs 100 lempiras right now. It used to just cost around thirty. Demand was lower. Now it’s 100, we can earn up to 10,000 every day. It’s our top-selling medication”, he says.

They brag that they have a monopoly on the narcotic and that their rival 18th Street Gang, known as Barrio 18 in the local dialect, is still unable to obtain any Tiburon. “They don’t have the same supplier as us,” El Ardilla claims. “They’ve continued to use marijuana. Combined with the 30 lempira stuffs.”

According to Douglas Farah, a gang specialist from Central America, “They view Krispy and Tiburon as the tuffet into serious drug trafficking alongside the Mexicans.” Although some people have jokingly claimed that petrol is a component of Tiburon, the gang members will not reveal its ingredients.

Farah thinks that the marijuana may have been tampered with by being added to cocaine, based on certain evidence. If true, it might also be extremely addicting.

Farah claims that if you use Krispy, you experience the effects of harsher drugs much more frequently. “Their readiness to sell it to anyone is truly troubling.

Younger and younger people—even children—are getting entangled in the use of a substance that is far more addictive than marijuana. If the health repercussions are not now clearly evident, they soon will be.”

It appears that other industries are also profiting from the pandemic’s increasing sales in addition to the worldwide cannabis sector. Due to the pandemic, “sales doubled,” said El Ardilla. “Because everyone was confined to their home. The quality of the weed has improved steadily while they were unable to work.”

The Rise Of Dangerous Fake Weed

MS 13 is not the first to create a fake marijuana product that will be marketed on the street. Although Tiburon is still relatively new, we can only assume that in the future we will learn about its severe negative effects.

Fake marijuana, or synthetic medications with the name of marijuana attached to them, are becoming more and more popular, but this is nothing new. People must be aware of their differences, particularly the fact that the synthetic marijuana marketed in public places is not the same as cannabis.

But until they experience the potentially fatal side effects, convincing them is difficult. Manufacturers of illegal drugs go to extreme lengths to create a substance that resembles marijuana. However, to produce these synthetic forms of marijuana, more than 100 hazardous chemicals have been sprayed upon dried plants, sometimes a herb that resembles buds.

They go by a variety of names on American streets; the most common ones are Skunk, K2, and Spice. They are also really affordable; occasionally, $5 will already get you a few hits. Also, don’t believe the labels; they will deceive you. But that is NOT the real thing. Hazardous side effects from skunk, k2, and spice have included tremors, heart attacks, convulsions, strokes, twitching, and even death.

In addition to dealers (both offline and online), several unrecognized petrol stations also sell fake cannabis. Be cautious when making purchases, whether you are in Honduras, the United States, or anywhere else in the world. Instead, shop safely from a recognised dispensary because one error might endanger your life.

Or, while you’re on your way to the hospital, recognize enriching people like the MS13, who might be laughing all the way to the bank.

The Risks Associated with Fake Medical Marijuana Cards

The presence of dangerous fake weed highlights the need for caution and regulation. A related concern is the use of fake medical weed cards, which can trick people into buying unsafe, synthetic marijuana. This not only puts consumers at risk but can also inadvertently support criminal groups like MS 13.


In the US and other nations synthetic marijuana has grown in popularity. These medications are made by mixing psychoactive compounds within, ert plant material that resembles cannabis.

The illegal substances used in this process are completely uncontrolled . Therefore, the steps should be taken to ban the selling of fake marijuana.

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