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How To Get A Medical Card In Maine

Book An Appointment

Make an appointment with a doctor via KIF at a time that is most convenient for you to make an appointment with them. Upon providing us with a basic medical history, we will contact you and schedule an appointment with a Maine-licensed medical marijuana doctor. Please provide any medical records regarding your condition(s) if you have them available.


Regardless of whether you need assistance setting up an appointment, our team would gladly assist.

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Consult With An MMJ Doctor

If you are interested in receiving medical marijuana treatment, you can arrange a consultation with a doctor online for 10-15 minutes to evaluate your ailments.

To be accepted by the state of Maine, each patient must be able to prove they are a resident of Maine to submit their application.

Step 3

Get Approved

If a KIF doctor approves your request, your recommendation will be mailed to you in 1-2 weeks after you have submitted it, and you will receive it. As soon as you can buy cannabis legally from a dispensary, you can begin using it.


As part of the Maine medical marijuana law, patients must be re-certified by a medical marijuana physician annually. As soon as your certification approaches the expiration date, KIF will contact you to assist with setting up a consultation to discuss your certification renewal.

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About Marijuana Laws in Maine

In 1999, Maine's medical marijuana program received approval by referendum from most residents, who opted to approve it in the 1990s. A year after Gov. Janet Mills created the Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) in 2019, Pine Tree State introduced the law legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, with sales beginning in October 2020. A citizen-initiated referendum in 2016 legalized medicinal cannabis as part of the OMP, and the OMP took three years to form after that.

A new state office has published statistics showing that the number of cannabis cards registered in Maine in 2019 increased by 42%, resulting in 65,368 people becoming certified citizens under the new law. During the past three months, the OMP has reported an increase of 5.4% in caregivers, which equates to 2,596 new registrations. The increase comes after the program's expansion was completed in 2018 and follows a complete expansion in 2019. The Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program is being overhauled significantly since it was established to ensure that the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act (MMUMA) was enforced.

It is noted that the state has eliminated all qualifying medical conditions from the medical program, allowing patients access to the program for any reason if certified by a licensed physician. As part of the changes, caregivers may assist more than one patient, and dispensaries can become for-profit establishments.

Becoming a Caregiver in Maine

There are certain requirements for becoming a caregiver in Maine, including being a minimum of 21 years old, having a valid photo identification, and not having a record of felony convictions. There is a requirement for caregivers to submit a medical use application with the Office of Medical Programs (OMP). In most cases, caregiver registration and renewal applications get approved or denied within 30 days of the application being submitted.

Furthermore, the caregiver must submit to a criminal background check for $31. As outlined in the OMP, the cost of a registry identification card can vary depending on the number of plants the caregiver grows (between $240 and $1,200) and how many plants they wish to register. There is a maximum amount of mature plants and immature plants that a registered caregiver can grow at a time. It is also possible for caregivers to collect fair compensation from a patient if they incur any expenses regarding the cultivation of cannabis on the patient's behalf.

Benefits of medical marijuana card in Maine

Lower Costs

Medical marijuana cards save you money all year and provide you with lower prices than recreational marijuana retailers. The sale of marijuana has also increased considerably in several states as it has become legal for recreational purposes in more states. A medical card is a great option if you spend a lot of time purchasing cannabis regularly, spending more money in the long run.

Lower Age Restrictions

Cannabis is generally restricted to adults 21 and older in most states. Under this age, possession and consumption of cannabis remain illegal. In contrast, younger patients with conditions such as epilepsy or cancer may benefit from medical marijuana use. Patients who meet all requirements are typically allowed to use medical cannabis as early as 18.

Stronger Legal Protection Some states have legalized medical marijuana, and they have laws specifically designed to protect individuals who possess medical marijuana cards. According to Marine law, patients and caregivers who possess or cultivate marijuana for medical purposes for which a physician has prescribed them are not subject to criminal laws that would otherwise prevent the possession or cultivation of marijuana.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must be at least 18 years old and a state resident to qualify for this opportunity. You will need two forms of identification to prove your residency, at least one of which must be a Maine driver’s license or state ID card, and you’ll need two forms of identification to prove your residency. After that, you will need to consult with a state-registered physician who will be able to evaluate your health and recommend medical marijuana for adult use.

As the most challenging part of the process, KIF has a network of highly qualified physicians registered with the state and can locate one for you, which is the most challenging part. The doctor will determine your eligibility for a virtual video consultation from the comfort of your home after meeting with you and determining that you have the required condition(s) to qualify for the virtual video consultation. It usually takes 10 – 15 minutes for a consultation.

To determine which state accepts cannabis cards from out of state, we compiled a helpful resource that tells you which states accept out-of-state cannabis cards. It is also recommended that you contact your local region to find out the rules and regulations regarding medical cannabis in that area.

There are a number of medical conditions that qualify for the medical marijuana program in Maine, but they have all been eliminated. Licensees can now qualify for medical marijuana treatment if they think it’ll benefit their condition. Therefore, chronic pain qualifies.

Several types of medicinal cannabis will be available to Maine patients who possess a card by 2022. After you obtain a cannabis identification card, you will be able to purchase marijuana products such as dry flower, tinctures, oils, concentrates, vapes, pre-rolls, topicals, and edibles

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