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How To Get A Medical Card In Rhode Island

Book An Appointment

It is not difficult to obtain a medical marijuana card in Rhode Island through KIF. You need to book a consultation with any licensed medical marijuana doctor of your choice at your convenience and schedule an appointment at that time.


We would be glad to assist you in receiving an appointment if you need assistance setting up one. Feel free to reach out to our team. 

Step 2

Consult With An MMJ Doctor

The consultation with a doctor for 15 minutes will allow you to analyze your ailments, and you will be able to ask any questions you may have regarding medical marijuana treatment. The doctor will then fill out a recommendation form for you to qualify for the medical marijuana card, and you will be approved for the card once the appointment is complete. 

This will allow you to apply to the state once you have it.

Step 3

Get Approved

After the doctor approves your application, they will mail you a Practitioner Form, your written recommendation for medical marijuana. To apply for residency in Rhode Island, you must submit this form, the state fee, and the required documents.


Upon receiving your medical cannabis card application, the state will ask you to come in and take a picture of yourself within 14 days of receiving it. The card is given to you right then and there. After you receive your marijuana card, you can visit a dispensary and start buying marijuana legally once you have obtained it.


The Rhode Island State Department of Health requires that all patients be recertified annually by a licensed physician. If your certification is close to expiration, KIF will contact you to assist you with setting up a consultation for your certification renewal as soon as possible.

Fast, easy, and affordable

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About Cannabis in Rhode Island

American for Safe Access (ASA) gave its statewide medical cannabis program a C+ rating. There is much that Little Rhody could do to improve the quality of the lives of the 17,994 citizens who rely on the state for medical treatment. ASA graded the website according to the following criteria: patient rights and civil protection, clarity of navigation, access to medicine, and functionality. Since 2006, Rhode Island has had a medical cannabis program that has been in effect since it became legal. Two concerns must be addressed in 2021 - the high price of medical cannabis and the discrimination perpetrated against the state employees who request medical cannabis.

Even though Rhode Island is working out its kinks, if the New England state takes some suggestions, the C+ rating could be upgraded to a B if it implements them. According to ASA, a Washington-based organization, in 2020, the state added six new licenses to increase the number of licensed retailers to improve patient access to these products.

Several other states have attempted to provide cannabis retail facilities under state control in past years. Still, they have not been successful due to a conflict between federal and state cannabis laws, which has forced them to abandon these proposals in 2020."

According to the Rhode Island Monthly, there has been a shift in the state's recreational cannabis attitude based on political opinion over the past few weeks. It is important to keep in mind that numbers do not discriminate, regardless of whom you are.

Caregivers in Rhode Island

Registered caregivers are licensed to assist patients in purchasing and using medical cannabis. Medical cannabis can only be purchased and administered to patients by Illinois caregivers at least 21 years old. Driver's licenses and state identification cards are also required to prove residency for the caregiver. Providing fingerprints is also a requirement for caregivers to prove they haven't committed a crime. As a final step, caregivers must submit a photo with the application, which will cost $75 if the application is submitted with a patient or $100 if it is not.

To receive compensation for their services, registered caregivers may only serve one (1) patient at a time and are not allowed to get paid.

Benefits of medical marijuana card in Rhode Island

It may be cheaper to buy medical marijuana.

There is a good possibility that patients with medical marijuana cards in Rhode Island will spend less than recreational marijuana users. Why is that? Purchasing recreational cannabis is subject to a 13% sales tax, whereas medical marijuana sales are subject to a 7% sales tax.

This results in adult-use purchases being more expensive as a consequence. In addition, you will likely spend thousands more if you buy cannabis regularly than if you qualify for the state's medical marijuana program.

You Get Access to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Those possessing a medical marijuana card in Rhode Island are allowed to purchase marijuana products from licensed dispensaries. With various types of marijuana products available at these dispensaries, the prices and quality are always standardized. The staff is trained to help you find the right strains for you, no matter your needs.

Limits on growing and possessing

If you have a medical marijuana card, you can carry 2.5 ounces of marijuana flower on your property (up to 10 ounces) and up to 1 ounce of cannabis concentrate on your person. The cultivation and growing of medical marijuana plants are also permitted for people with a medical marijuana card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical marijuana programs in Rhode Island are one of the most diverse in the country, allowing patients of all backgrounds to access a variety of cannabis products for medical use. Cannabis flower products include pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates and extracts, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and extracts of cannabis.

There is only a charge for your consultation if you are approved. A network of highly qualified medical practitioners is available to us to evaluate any patient interested in medical cannabis to find out if they qualify for it. As we have a 99% approval rate, we will refund your money in full if your application is rejected.


What is the process for applying for a medical marijuana card in Rhode Island?

Getting certified to use medical marijuana for treatment is the first step that needs to be taken by a physician. As soon as you have been approved, you must apply to the state, allowing you to purchase marijuana legally in your home once you have a card.

Medical marijuana can provide a variety of types of relief, depending on the strains that are used. We will be able to offer you a variety of options that our registered physicians will recommend.

That’s right! The state of Rhode Island now allows people suffering from chronic pain to use medical marijuana with their approval.

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