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The stigma associated with cannabis is now long lost. With every passing day, more and more people are enjoying their favorite cannabis products, nourishing both their mental and physical well-being. But what does this mean for a CBD-focused writer like yourself? 

Maybe you enjoy providing insights regarding various cannabis strains or perhaps you enjoy crafting CBD guest posts and are actively looking for CBD guest post opportunities. In any case, you need credible CBD guest blogging sites to help you build a reputation among fellow CBD enthusiasts.

Among thousands of guest posting sites for CBD, we surely offer some things that make us unique and one of a kind.

Why Choose Us For CBD Guest Posting

We can bet that you’re very eager to submit your marijuana blog guest post at a credible site that can reach millions of readers around the globe. Considering that the KIF is such a site, here are some prominent reasons why you should choose us as one of your trusted guest posting sites for marijuana and CBD-related articles.

Massive Reach

Massive Reach

Over the years, the KIF has built a credible reputation as a telemedicine-powered platform that allows patients to book online medical cannabis consultations throughout the US. Our quality services and unwavering determination to do the right thing have helped us build an audience of cannabis enthusiasts from various parts of the globe who value what we believe in and what we’re backing up. This is a golden opportunity for anyone looking to boost their CBD guest post outreach.

Boost Your Online Presence

Boost Your Online Presence

What do you think is the best way to build a credible online presence for you as a CBD-focused author? Well, the best bet is to submit a cannabis guest post(s) on a platform that has already established its credibility and online presence within the cannabis community. A platform that is known for its credibility, massive cannabis guest post opportunities, and a pretty considerable online presence, does these terms ring a bell? Yes, you guessed it right, the KIF is the answer to your cannabis guest post-submission-related queries.

Thriving Community of CBD Enthusiasts

As discussed earlier, the CBD community is thriving today. Particularly in the US, the number of cannabis enthusiasts is rising on a daily basis. But what does the community have to do anything with your search for credible marijuana guest blogging sites? Well, in order to attain the status of a credible CBD-focused author, you must be a crucial part of a thriving cannabis community, offering expert insights to the public and anyone who is interested in enjoying the benefits of cannabis for themselves. The KIF gives you a chance to become part of such a community.

What is meant by ‘cannabis content’?

Now, some of you might get confused regarding ‘cannabis content’ and does their articles can be regarded as ‘cannabis content’. For us, ‘cannabis content’ is any guest post or article that explains the benefits of consuming CBD, talks about various cannabis strains and their effects, discusses any new research being done regarding CBD and its impact on the human body, and thorough guidance on state-specific cannabis laws for both medical and recreational cannabis users. If your cannabis blog guest post talks about one of these domains, then congratulations, you’re writing ‘cannabis content’.

Our Submission Guidelines

Be original

Here at KIF, we believe in providing unique and original CBD-focused content to our millions of readers across the globe. Make sure that your cannabis blog post submission focuses on these two core traits and leave the rest to us.

Quality over quantity

Again, quality is one of those traits that laid the foundation of the KIF as an online cannabis-focused service provider and community host. Even though the ideal range of words for a guest post is 800-1200 words, we don’t enforce this word limit strictly. Why? Well, if your guest post is top-notch in terms of quality of content and resources, we are happy to publish it.

Respect legal boundaries

Cannabis legalization is still in an intermediate phase within the US. Cannabis itself is still declared as a Schedule I substance on the federal level, however, many US states have legalized the use of medical and recreational cannabis. This means that there are certain cannabis-related regulations that may differ from state to state, but as an author, your responsibility is to respect and elaborate these laws, not to invoke readers to abandon them in any capacity.

Stay relevant

Last, but not least, try to stay relevant to changing cannabis laws and market trends. Discuss topics that are exciting for a considerable number of readers throughout the platform.

Cannabis Guest Posting
CBD Guest Posting

Steps To Submit a Guest Post With Us

Craft your article

Well, the first step is to craft your article in accordance with our set submission guidelines. Make sure to submit the best copy of your marijuana blog guest post and we’ll present it to millions of readers worldwide.

Make sure that your article aligns with our submission guidelines

Our submission guidelines are set to ensure that we maintain our status as a credible cannabis guest blogging site for many more years to come. When your article aligns with our submission guidelines, it is a testament that you have what it takes to reach a global audience of cannabis enthusiasts.

Use our online form for content submission

To make things easier for you, you can utilize our online content form to submit your final CBD guest post draft. It hardly takes more than 5 minutes for the submission to be received on our end.

Give us time to review

We appreciate that you have trusted us for your marijuana guest post submission. We assure you that we have received your article and now our team of some of the best cannabis writers needs to review your submission. Don’t worry, we simply check what interesting ideas you’re talking about and whether they align with our set submission guidelines or not.

Your guest post is now live!

If everything goes well, then we have got some exciting news for you. Your CBD blog guest post is now live on our site, constantly getting read by millions of cannabis enthusiasts throughout the globe. Heads up for all the questions you’ll have to answer as the lead author.

Time to join our thriving community today

We have told you why you should choose us as a cannabis guest posting site and what we expect from your articles in return. Well, what else is there to wait for!? Submit your cannabis blog guest post and tell the world what you think about a topic.

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