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How To Get A Medical Card In Louisiana

Book an appointment

Whenever it is most convenient for you to see a medical marijuana physician, you can schedule an appointment through the KIF at a convenient time. Make an appointment with a licensed medical marijuana physician by providing a brief medical history and booking an appointment online.
You must submit medical records showing that you have a qualifying condition.
Step 2

Consult with an MMJ Doctor

Arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment, and make sure you have your state-issued photo ID on you when you arrive. Make an appointment with a doctor to discuss your ailments and ask any questions you might have about how medical marijuana can benefit you for 15 minutes.
When the doctor has completed the appointment, they will fill out a form that will confirm your approval for the use of medical marijuana after the appointment is over. Patients can use this recommendation to prove they’re eligible for medical marijuana.
Step 3

Get Approved

To qualify for a medical marijuana card in the state, patients are not required to register or apply for a card. Medications will be faxed straight to your favourite dispensary. Patients need this recommendation to prove they’re eligible. You can be sure that your dispensary staff will verify your prescription in the database of the Prescription Monitoring Program when you visit. We can help you refill your prescriptions every 90 days.
Patient licenses need to be recertified annually by a licensed physician. We will take note of your certification’s expiration date and contact you when you are close to it to assist you with setting up a consultation for its renewal.

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About Medical Marijuana in Louisiana

Louisiana's Therapeutic Marijuana Act underwent a significant revision in August 2020 by expanding HB819 to allow state-licensed physicians to recommend medical cannabis to patients they deem to be in need. It took almost four years since legalization in 2016 to start the state cannabis program.

Medical cannabis has been made available to patients with several qualifying conditions through the Federal Program for Medical Marijuana. Still, the high treatment price has prevented many from accessing it, according to a local CBS news station.

When Louisiana expanded the program after a four-year hold-up, “doctors were allowed to recommend medical marijuana to any patient they believed it would benefit,” which set the standard for the Deep South States. It remains to be seen if expanding the program will curb high treatment costs some citizens cannot afford.

Louisiana's medical cannabis card is easier to get now than in 2019. State-certified doctors can prescribe it in all forms, like oils, extracts, tinctures, sprays, capsules, pills, chewable made from gelatin, topicals, patches on your skin, and suppositories. Certain conditions apply to smokable cannabis as of January 1, 2022.

Caregivers in Louisiana

Louisiana caregivers must: To purchase medical cannabis and administer it to patients, you must be at least 21 years old

Manage a patient's well-being regularly A disqualifying felony offense has not been committed

Unless the designated caregiver works in a healthcare facility or residential care facility, they cannot assist more than five qualifying patients with their therapeutic use of cannabis.

The caregiver must also submit an identification card or driver's license to prove residency.

Benefits of medical marijuana card in Louisiana

Louisiana Dispensary Access

To obtain medical marijuana products in Louisiana, you should always purchase them from a dispensary that is licensed by the state. As a safe and effective treatment for various qualifying conditions, medical marijuana is approved by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy.

Legal Protection

It is very convenient to demonstrate at the time of law enforcement your Louisiana medical marijuana card as proof that you are a registered and certified patient in the medical marijuana program in the state.

Access to Other States

All dispensaries in Louisiana accept a Louisiana marijuana card. As a result, you might get much more value out of your investment than you expected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course! Louisiana has legalized medical marijuana! In August 2019, the first cannabis dispensary in Baton Rouge opened for business in anticipation of the passage of Louisiana’s medical cannabis laws decades ago.

Unfortunately, no. There is no permitted way to drive or operate any vehicle under the influence of marijuana, whether a motor vehicle, a boat, or an aircraft.

Unfortunately, no. It is a legal requirement for medical marijuana to be used in public places.

Among the medical cannabis licensing programs in KIF, we have a very high approval rate. Despite this, you will get a full refund if you are not approved.

There is usually a 10-15 minute time frame for the consultation between the physician and the patient.

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