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How To Get A Medical Card In Maryland

Schedule An Appointment

Booking an appointment is the first step in the process. Using KIF’s platform, you can book an appointment from the convenience of your home. For your booking to be complete, you must submit your medical records and any additional documents you may have.

Step 2

Consult With doctor

If everything goes according to plan. Using KIF, you can find the best mmj doctor in your area. During the consultation, you can expect the process to take between 10-15 minutes. A medical marijuana consultation offers you a chance to speak with a doctor online who will help you understand your condition in greater detail and answer any questions you might have about the use of medicinal cannabis.

As soon as you qualify for a medical marijuana card, you will receive a letter recommending marijuana use, which you can use to apply for the card from the state based on the letter.

Step 3

Get approved

If you receive a recommendation letter from the Maryland Department of Health regarding medical marijuana, you must apply for a card. It is estimated that within 2-3 weeks, you will receive the medical card in the mail once the state has approved your application.

With the temporary card you currently possess, you can begin buying medical marijuana while you wait for your permanent card to arrive at your place.

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About Medical Cannabis in Maryland

A group of state university graduates in Maryland have devised apps that track the effects of cannabis strains on the body as a result of the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) being instituted in 2015. As a result of Smith's personal experience and the expertise of a group of techies, the app was developed. “When Smith first joined the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, he was overwhelmed by all the cannabis products available as an alternative to opioids for pain that arose from a car crash in 2003 in which he was thrown out of the vehicle,” The Gazette reports. State arrest protocols for cannabis are changing as residents build progressive cannabis apps. Maryland's state supreme court ruled in July 2020 that the Baltimore Police Department cannot arrest anyone on the basis of the smell of cannabis.

Becoming a Medical Cannabis Patient in Maryland

Getting medical marijuana in Maryland is done in three steps, starting with applying for a prescription. To begin with, schedule an appointment to see a doctor who can review your medical history and review your ailments and conditions. Additionally, you will be required to register with the Maryland Medical Center as a new patient and provide a photo of a government-issued ID showing your Maryland address that clearly does not conceal your identity (driver's license, passport, etc.) as well as a $25 state fee.

Qualifying Conditions In Connecticut

Maryland offers medical cannabis cards to patients who meet certain conditions, including: Anorexia Cachexia or wasting syndrome Glaucoma PTSD Seizures Severe nausea Severe or chronic pain Severe or persistent muscle spasms Aside from that, the state allows for any other "chronic medical condition that has been severe for a significant period of time and that cannot be treated with any other treatment," as an acceptable reason for approving the card. A valid driver's license or state identification card is required by patients, as well as a qualifying condition(s), in order to establish residency in Maryland. There's a $25 registration fee.

Benefits of Having a Medical Card in Maryland

In Maryland, the voters voted to legalize adult-use cannabis, but patients with medical cards who purchased cannabis would enjoy distinct advantages over those who did not.

Access Your Medicine Now

Currently, there don't seem to be any legal frameworks in place that regulate, tax, and regulate the sale of adult-use cannabis. The only thing we do know is that recreational cannabis will not be available to adults and adults over 21 until July 1, 2023. In the state now, medical marijuana is legal for patients who need more immediate relief.

Tax Considerations

There are no sales taxes on the sale of cannabis products to medical cannabis patients in any state and U.S. territory that has legalized medical cannabis. In the event that Maryland follows suit, patients could save a lot of money by having a medical card.

Higher Purchase Limits

A physician certifying a patient for medical marijuana may authorize a patient to purchase as much cannabis as listed below on a rolling 30-day basis (although if deemed necessary, a physician may certify a patient for more than this quantity):

Dry cannabis flower up to 120 grams (4 ounces);

The THC content of concentrates, edibles, and extracts is up to 36 grams

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