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How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Oklahoma

Register online with KIF

You can speak to a doctor and qualify for an Oklahoma medical marijuana card online. The cost of the online consultation is $129, and you are only billed if approved.
Step 2

Discuss Medical Marijuana with your Doctor and Get Approved

Moving forward, you can get into a discussion with the doctor regarding medical marijuana. If you have any concerns regarding cannabis, you freely ask our doctors. We have the best doctors who provide solutions to your every query. If you qualify for the mmj card, the doctor will issue you the recommendation letter, which you can use to apply for the marijuana card. If you are not approved, you will get your money refunded.
Step 3

Complete the application with the concerned state authorities

Next, you are required to complete the application with Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority online. Here you need to upload the recommendation form you got from the cannabis doctor along with other identification proof you got from KIF . This step needs to be done within 30 days following your approval date from KIF .
Step 4

Receive Your Card From Oklahoma State

Once you have been approved and registered with your state department of health, the state department of health will approve you. You will then receive your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card by mail within two weeks of approval. Two years are the validity period of your card. After receiving it, you can start buying marijuana legally from Oklahoma dispensaries!

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About Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma.

According to Oklahoma’s medical marijuana law, no qualifying conditions must be met. One in thirteen citizens of Oklahoma may have a medical marijuana card because of this lenient medical marijuana program, making it one of the most lenient medical marijuana programs in the United States.

Here's a quick history of Oklahoma medical marijuana laws:

  • Marijuana was outlawed in 1933.
  • The medical marijuana law went into effect on June 26, 2018. A medical cannabis law was enacted in the state in two months, making it the fastest.
  • The penalties for simple possession of marijuana were reduced from a fine of $1,200 to a fine of $400, effective September 24, 2018. Formerly, the penalty for simple possession of marijuana was $1,200 and six months in jail.
There are several rights that patients with a medical marijuana card should have under Oklahoma's SQ 788 and the emergency medical marijuana rules.
  • Obtain a school enrollment without being rejected because of your cardholder status.
  • A patient’s status does not result in eviction or rejection from the apartment.
  • Their employment will not be discriminated against because they have a card or have tested positive for marijuana.
  • Obtain healthcare without being disqualified for using medical marijuana.
  • It is impossible to deny a patient’s request to visit or take custody of their child based only on their medical condition.
  • Possess a valid state-issued license not suspended solely because you are a cardholder.

Qualifying Conditions In Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Medical Board allows doctors to prescribe marijuana for any condition they deem necessary when prescribing it for patients. In general, medical marijuana isn't linked to any specific condition, so doctors and patients have more flexibility in choosing the best treatment. A variety of conditions are regularly eligible for a medical card in Oklahoma, such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, glaucoma, Crohn's disease, and more. To determine whether you are eligible for medical marijuana, you should consult a doctor who specializes in using marijuana for medical purposes.

How to register for a med card in Oklahoma

Upon starting the KIF application process, follow the instructions. Remember to provide accurate information to ensure timely delivery. As soon as you are approved, you will receive an email from your medical marijuana doctor at KIF . Following your doctor's completion of this process, you will need to complete the state registration process via their online portal. To register with the state, you must complete the registration form and pay a $100 fee.

How to renew your medical card in Oklahoma

  • Medical marijuana cards in Oklahoma must be renewed every two years.
  • There is no complicated renewal process for Oklahoma medical cannabis cards. It’s even easier with KIF!
  • As soon as it is time to renew, a reminder email will be sent to you,
    For an appointment with a certified cannabis doctor, you can sign up on our KIF website.
  • Ensure you follow the steps when renewing your medical card with the state.
  • The KIF team is always standing by to help you find the best medical marijuana doctor for you, regardless of whether or not you got your initial recommendation from us or another professional in the state.

How to be a medical cannabis caregiver in Oklahoma

Depending on the patient’s preference, they may have – or be required to have – a designated caregiver in charge of purchasing, transporting, possessing, and administering cannabis products on their behalf.

A physician’s recommendation must include a caregiver’s name. You can only move forward with an application for caregiver with the physician’s signature.

You can take care of up to five licensed patients at a time. It’s okay for adults to have just one caregiver, and there is a limit of two caregivers per minor. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that their registration expires on the same date as their registration.

Your caregiver must be able to:

  • Regularly assist the patient or a member of their family
  • Having a residency in the state
  • The patient must submit an application
  • The patient must fill out and sign a Physician Recommendation Form
  • An acceptable photo and proof of identity are required
  • They may not begin their duties before the OMMA approves them

A caregiver is not allowed to:

  • Take the cannabis from the patient
  • Purchasing or possessing more than the patient is permitted to possess,

Applicants for caregiver positions are not required to pay a fee to apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The KIF platform is a multilingual and telemedicine-based platform that aims to enhance the education and well-being of people worldwide through personalized cannabis consumption. Our platform connects people to doctors online to help them live better life.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Act does not have a specific list of qualifying conditions for you to become qualified to use medical marijuana, as most other states do. Everything is up to the doctor’s discretion.

In contrast to other states, Oklahoma has no specific list of conditions that must be met before eligibility. In this case, the doctor is responsible for making the final decision.

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