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Benefits of Having A Medical Marijuana Card

Required for a specific age group

Many states require you to have a valid Medical Marijuana Card if under the age of 21.

Access to safe products

Access to state-regulated Medical Marijuana dispensaries and products.

Tax savings

States with a valid Medical Marijuana Program offer up to 25% savings to patients with a card.

Exclusive Rights

A Medical Marijuana recommendation may be able to grant you exclusive rights for accommodation, healthcare, employment, etc.

Benefits of having a Medical Marijuana Card

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Once you sign-up with us, you get the chance to book an appointment with us as and when you prefer. During your appointment, you will be connected with a certified medical practitioner having the authority to prescribe Medical Marijuana in a certain state.

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You have 100% complete control over who, when, and where will access your complete medical information and history. All your data will be secured by us as per HIPAA compliance.

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Marijuana and Health

The exact impact of Medical Marijuana on human health is still not fully known as research is underway on the topic. However, Medical Marijuana has proven to be effective in conditions like chronic pain, lack of appetite, irregular sleeping patterns, weight loss, and anxiety.

Chronic Pain

Sleep Disorders


Lack of Appetite

Discuss With A Professional

If you’re not sure whether your condition requires Medical Marijuana-based treatment or not, it will be a better idea to consult with one of our experts in order to make the best future choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kif is an online platform where you get a chance to book an online appointment with a certified medical practitioner to prescribe Medical Marijuana to patients.

Yes, our medical practitioners are certified by the medical board and they have the legal authority to prescribe medical Marijuana to patients in the states where they are practicing.

A Medical Marijuana recommendation is basically a Medical Marijuana usage prescription issued by a certified medical doctors in a certain state.

You must be older than 18 years in order to get a Medical Card. However, for patients younger than 18, a caregiver can fill in the form in their place.

You need to visit a certified medical practitioner who will then determine your legal qualification status for Medical Marijuana.

Yes, you can renew your MMJ Card for the same low cost, completely online.

Yes, our database system is in compliance with HIPPA offering maximum data safety.

We accept both credit and debit cards for payment. However, you’ll be only charged if you get a Medical Marijuana recommendation from us.

No, currently we don’t accept insurance.

You can verify your Medical Marijuana Card online through our verification panel.

Marijuana Advice

Our Marijuana experts have in-depth knowledge regarding various strains of the product which will help you a lot in selecting the best strain for you.

Shopping Advice

You can ask our experts about the places where you can get quality and legal Medical Marijuana products near your residence.

Usage & Dosage Advice

You must listen to our experts carefully on this matter as there is no set Medical Marijuana dosage for everyone which will produce similar beneficial symptoms.

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