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KIF is one stop telemedicine service solution, serving more than 4500,000 patients. We aimed to help you get approved for a medical marijuana card with a 100% money-back guarantee (if not approved)!

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With our seamless technology, you can easily connect to a network of doctors and become certified online in just minutes.

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You'll have access to affordable and transparent pricing throughout the entire process, and if you're not approved, you'll get your money back.


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With our telemedicine evaluations, KIF allow you to apply for your certification and medical marijuana card, as well as get your medical cannabis card online. With us, you can obtain medical marijuana cards safely and conveniently across the US.

Approval in 10 Minutes

Getting your medical marijuana recommendation will take a little time. We ensure all patient approvals are completed as quickly as possible so that all patient benefits can be taken advantage of.

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You can rest assured that we respect your privacy. A strict confidentiality policy for all patient records is always maintained and never revealed to a third party, and all information is protected following HIPAA regulations.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card In 3 Simple Steps


Sign Up

It is essential to make some basic medical history and request an appointment with a marijuana doctor who is licensed to prescribe marijuana. You’ll pay $199 for your consultation, a fee for your doctor, and get a medical evaluation.



Obtain a medical marijuana recommendation from a marijuana physician who can examine your ailments and provide you with any information you need concerning medical marijuana treatments. This can be done online or in person, based on where you live.



Upon approval, you’ll receive a recommendation for medical marijuana. Dispensaries may grant immediate access or mail your card, depending on your state.

Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

The benefits of obtaining a medical marijuana card are numerous. Here are a few of them:

Higher Possession Limits

Medical marijuana cardholders may be allowed to possess larger amounts of cannabis than recreational users, depending on state laws. This can be beneficial for patients who need to use cannabis frequently or in higher doses to manage their symptoms.

Cost Savings

Medical marijuana can be expensive, but patients who have a medical marijuana card are often eligible for discounts and special pricing. In addition, medical marijuana can be tax-exempt in some states, which can provide additional cost savings.

Legal Protection

Possessing a medical marijuana card provides legal protection against arrest or prosecution in states where medical marijuana is legal. It can also help patients avoid fines and penalties for possession of marijuana without a prescription.

Personalized Treatment Plans

With a medical marijuana card, patients can work with their healthcare provider to create personalized treatment plans that address their specific medical needs. This can help ensure that patients receive the appropriate dosage and strain of medical marijuana to manage their symptoms effectively.

Wider Selection of Products

As a patient with a medical cannabis card, you will be able to access both dispensaries for medicinal and adult-use marijuana. With greater access to products, you will have more choices, compare prices more easily, and find the best deal for your needs.

KIF Service

Other Services

At most $199 annually

Upwards of $1,000 annually

Available 24/7 whenever you need us

Usually only available M-F 9-5 and almost impossible to get ahold of

Approved or your money back

Can be denied and lose your consultation fee


KIF offers a convenient online platform for patients to apply for their medical marijuana card from the comfort of their own home. This eliminates the need to visit a physical location, saving time and effort.


KIF offers competitive pricing for its services, making it an affordable option for patients who may be on a limited budget. KIF's pricing structure is transparent, and patients only pay for the services they need.

Why Choose KIF Your MMJ Card?

Experienced Physicians

KIF works with experienced and licensed physicians who are knowledgeable about medical marijuana and its therapeutic benefits. These physicians can provide personalized guidance to help patients determine whether medical marijuana is a suitable treatment option for their condition.


KIF ensures that its services comply with all state and federal laws and regulations related to medical marijuana. This ensures that patients are accessing legal and safe medical marijuana products and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

KIF offers a hassle-free method to obtain your medical cannabis card from the comfort of your own home. With over 450,000 satisfied patients across California, New York, Illinois, and Oklahoma, we are the world’s largest and most highly-rated online destination for cannabis evaluations.

Telemedicine evaluations are allowed in some states. Medical marijuana cards can be obtained online after completing your physician’s evaluation. You can complete the registration process without leaving your home by getting the card or the temporary card via email. Not all states offer telemedicine

A physician can only certify a patient with a qualifying condition. We will refund you 100% of your money if we cannot provide you with a certification. Scheduling an evaluation poses no risk.

To qualify for medical marijuana, you must live in a state that offers it and have a qualifying condition. Conditions that allow varying from state to state. In addition, there are many other examples of chronic pain, glaucoma, PTSD, and seizure disorders, which are more common.

Most states allow you to renew your physician’s certification once a year. Before your medical marijuana card expires, you’ll need to renew it.

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