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How To Get A Medical Card In New York

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It all begins with booking an appointment. KIF brings you a platform from which you can book an appointment. You must submit your medical records and further documents to complete the booking.
Step 2

Discuss Medical Marijuana with your Doctor and Get Approved

If all your documents go well. KIF will connect you with the best mmj doctor. The consultation will take over 10-15 minutes. You will have an opportunity to consult with a doctor online to discuss your ailments in-depth and ask any questions you might have about the treatment of medical marijuana.
Step 3

Complete the application with the concerned state authorities

Once you qualify, you will be provided with the mmj recommendation letter using which you apply for a medical marijuana card from the state.
Step 4

Receive Your Card From New York State

Using the recommendation letter, you must apply for a medical marijuana card with the New York Department of Health. Once the New York DOH has approved you, you will get the medical card in 2-3 weeks to your mail.
While you wait for your permanent card to arrive at your place, you can start purchasing medical marijuana with the temporary card.

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About Medical Marijuana in New York

Earlier this year, when New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law legalizing medical marijuana, New York became the first state to do so. It has been an ongoing effort by Gov. Cuomo to legalize marijuana recreationally, even holding a Pot Summit in 2019 with governors from other east coast states to support the legalization effort.

As a result of Gov. Cuomo's actions in 2018, medical cannabis can now be used for opioid use disorder and the treatment of PTSD, as well as the treatment of other conditions. Thousands of citizens suffering from qualifying conditions would benefit from recreational cannabis, says Gov. Cuomo, while also answering a lot of woes. Second, recreational marijuana would generate up to 1.3 billion dollars in tax revenue yearly, which Cuomo predicted would happen in 2019 but to no avail.

There has been a change in the regulations for laboratory testing of packaged medical cannabis products, as the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) released guidelines on May 3, 2019. New York released guidelines in September 2020 regarding research conducted under its medical cannabis program, which can now be approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Qualifying Conditions In Oklahoma

Caregiver in New York

Besides proving you are a New York resident, you must show that you possess a New York driver's license or a state identification card to qualify for certification. Applicants must also include the caregiver on their application.

Caregivers, just like patients, are allowed to possess a certain amount of medicinal cannabis at a time to benefit patients whom they have vowed to support under the state's medical cannabis program.

Individuals who wish to become caregivers must: NYSDOH permission is required if you are under 21;

The applicant must be a New York State resident with a valid driver's license.

The certifying physician must not be the patient's physician.

The caregiver can then use the registry ID card to obtain medical marijuana on behalf of the patient once the Department of Health approves the patient's application. In the same way that patients can register, caregivers can do the same.

Benefits of Having A Medical Marijuana Card In New York

If you choose not to get a medical marijuana card, you miss out on several benefits cannabis consumers enjoy. As a New York resident, here are a few top reasons you should have a medical card.


In contrast to those who access marijuana from recreational retail outlets, medical marijuana cardholders get lower prices and save money all year long compared to those who buy it from medical marijuana retailers. Taxes on marijuana also went up significantly after marijuana became legal in more states.

Possession limits are higher.

The amount of cannabis recreational users can purchase is strictly limited, but with a medical marijuana cardholder, you can buy more than you can with a recreational user. The legal limit for medical patients in New York is eight ounces per day, while recreational users in New York can purchase one ounce per day.

Access to Medical-Only Cannabis Dispensaries

To purchase marijuana in medical dispensaries, you will need to have a medical marijuana card.

Even in states that have legalized recreational marijuana use, there are still medical dispensaries that cater exclusively to those with medical marijuana cards and which are only accessible to those who have medical marijuana cards.

Medicinal users have access to many options, strains, and professional help. There is no shortage of cannabis extracts.

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