Best Cannabis Strains For Chronic Pain
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Cannabis can lessen several kinds of chronic pain, including pain that occurs because of inflammation and nerve damage. Some of the best ways you can take cannabis is through tablets, topical applications, and edibles.

But to legally purchase such cannabis-based products, you must have a KIF medical marijuana card. That way, you will not experience any problems when purchasing such products from an online or offline store.

In today’s world, people suffer a lot more due to chronic pain than diabetes, heart ailments, and cancer combined. It’s also one of the causes of long-term disability in nations like the United States.

The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] didn’t endorse the cannabis-based products. It’s primarily because more evidence is needed to prove their effectiveness and safety.

The anecdotal evidence says that cannabis-based products do have the ability to give you relief from various kinds of chronic pain. This post will reveal all the strains or types of cannabis that are known to give relief from chronic pain.

Let’s find out!

10 Best Cannabis Strains For Chronic Pain

You will certainly come across many kinds of cannabis strains that can easily reduce chronic pain in your body. These strains are:


This is a cannabis strain that contains the lowest level of THC, which is around 1%. But this strain has 12% of CBD concentration. ACDC is perfect for pain relief, especially when you need to keep your focus on a certain activity or project.

ACDC is not that soothing compared to the THC-based varietals and will not cause any type of psychoactive effects since the THC level is pretty low. This cannabis strain also has “Myrcene,” a terpene that can help lessen inflammation and pain.

2. Harlequin

Harlequin contains 5% of THC and 9% of CBD, and it also stands out as a well-known cannabis strain that lessens chronic pain. The CBD present in this strain will give you relief from the pain, and the THC level is low enough to keep you focused during work or activity. Harlequin also has “Myrcene” to reduce inflammation and pain.

3. Cannatonic

Cannatonic has 4% of THC and 9% of CBD, which will give you relief from chronic pain without sedation. You should keep in mind that when you take a high dose of CBD can lead to sedation, especially when it’s mixed with THC.

Cannabinoids like THCV [Tetrahydrocannabivarin], CBD, and THC are known as biphasic, which means that they have different effects for different doses.

The common effects that you will experience when you use this cannabis strain are pain relief, focus, and relaxation. You will also find Myrcene in this strain to offer relief from pain.

4. Northern Lights

This is another great cannabis strain, which contains 18% THC concentration, which will give you muscle-relaxing and euphoric effects, which will, in return, lessen the pain.

Using this cannabis strain can also lead to sleepiness, and it will be worth taking this strain when you face difficulty sleeping due to chronic pain.

In addition to that, Northern Lights also contain “Myrcene,” a terpene that helps in reducing pain.

5. Green Crack Punch

This particular cannabis strain contains 18% THC and no or less CBD, making it an outstanding sativa-dominant cannabis strain for chronic pain. The strain is a cross between “Purple Punch” and “Green Crack,” which produces an acidic scent with a pinch of grape.

The Green Crack Punch also contains soothing properties to lessen several kinds of pain, which include temporary and chronic pain. You can also use this strain during the strain as it will keep you motivated and upbeat.

6. OG Kush

OG Kush is known as the descendant of “Old World Paki Kush,” “Lemon Thai,” and “Chemdawg,” which are some of the most well-known cultivars.

This marijuana strain contains 0.5% CBD and 20% THC, and it’s an Indica-dominant cannabis strain that produces lemon and earthy aromas. OG Kush provides heavy-hitting effects, making it an ideal cannabis strain for chronic pain.

This cannabis strain will offer relaxation to the entire body and will help you sleep properly at night. You can take OG Kush during the evening time to relax and feel stress-free.

7. Purple Queen

Purple Queen stands out as one of the most potent cannabis strains to ever exist. This is an indica royalty, which is a cross between Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. These two cannabis strains are ideal for chronic pain relief.

Purple Queen contains 1% CBD and 22% THC concentration, which will provide you with a euphoric high and will eliminate the pain immediately. But if you feel too high, you can sober up by utilizing different tactics with the fruity Purple Queen.

8. Pineapple Diesel

When it comes to chronic pain relief, Pineapple Diesel is another outstanding strain to opt for. This is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain and a cross between the “Sativa Sour Diesel” and “Hybrid Pineapple.”

Pineapple Diesel also contains 0.1% of CBD and 17% to 27% of THC. The strain has a tropical and citrusy aroma, which will help you get relief from pain instantly. But its effects will last for a long time and will give an energized buzz.

People with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression can use Pineapple Diesel to battle such conditions.

9. White Window

White Window is a cannabis strain that contains 25% of THC and 0.5% to 1% of CBD. This high-level THC strain can reduce pain instantly, and it is also a cross between the “South Indian Indica” and “Brazilian Sativa.”

White Window has a citrusy and earthy aroma, ideal for chronic pain. The strain will also provide users with a pain-free and cognitive high. You can learn how to stay high for a longer period to extend the strain’s stimulating effects.

10. Royal Jack

Individuals who are looking for a pain-killing and clear-headed high can opt for the Royal Jack. This Sativa strain is viewed as the automatic version of the “Jack Herer” cultivar and contains 1% of CBD and 16% of THC.

Royal Jack carries a peppery flavor and will give you with a blissful sensation. Besides that, using this strain will lessen the chronic pain, which is a primary reason it’s known for. You should try this pleasant marijuana strain to remain positive and pain-free.

Summing Up

Chronic pain can emerge due to multiple reasons, and at times, it will become difficult for you to conduct certain activities. However, using medical cannabis strains to get relief from this type of pain will surely help.

Make sure that you purchase these strains with your KIF medical marijuana card and also from a reliable cannabis store. Furthermore, since there are many cannabis strains available, choose the one that is recommended by your doctor/physician.


What exactly is Myrcene?

  • Myrcene is a terpene that you will find in many cannabis strains. This terpene can help in reducing the inflammation and pain in your body.

Which is the best strain for people suffering from PSTD and depression?

  • If you’re suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, using Pineapple Diesel can help you fight these ailments.

How much THC and CBD is present in Harlequin?

  • Harlequin contains 9% CBD and 5% THC, which makes it an ideal option for people who want to lessen the pain but wish to stay completely focused while working.

Can OG Kush offer relaxation to your body?

  • In short, yes, it can. Using OG Kush will not just reduce chronic pain but will also make your body feel relaxed.

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