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How To Get A Medical Card In Missouri

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By using KIF, you can schedule an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor at the most convenient time for you to meet with them. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctor, you will need to provide us with a basic medical history. Patients are only expected to provide medical records if they have a condition that can only be diagnosed through medical imaging and testing. Other than that, they are not likely to provide these records.


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Consult With An MMJ Doctor

The best way to treat your ailments is to consult with a doctor for 10-15 minutes to discuss your medical conditions and any questions you have about medical marijuana. Upon completion of the appointment, and assuming you are approved, the doctor must submit an Electronic Certification via the state portal after the appointment is complete. The patient must then register with the state and apply online for benefits.

The usual amount of medical cannabis prescribed in Missouri is 4 ounces of cannabis a month for a patient. If you need more than the amount your doctor prescribes, inform them so that an Alternative Physician Certification Form can be used. This form must be completed by two doctors treating you for the same medical condition and taking the exact dosage as you. Additionally, to qualify for a medical card, the patient must be able to provide proof that they live in the state.

Step 3

Get Approved


Once you have been approved for the job, you will need to register with the state and submit an application. The review of your application may take up to 30 days, depending on the complexity of your application. Upon the state’s approval, you will receive a notification of your approval, as well as a card in the mail. After receiving your marijuana card, you can commence purchasing from dispensaries as soon as they open their doors in Missouri. Upon submitting your application, you will be required to pay a fee. As soon as your application has been submitted, you will receive an e-mail from the state confirming the submission.

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About Medical Marijuana in Missouri

According to a report in The Joplin Globe, 66% of Missourians voted in favor of legalizing medical marijuana in last year's election; however, as of August 2020, the state still had not opened one medical marijuana dispensary for the more than 60,000 patients waiting in line for medicine for needed relief.

There has been a more than double increase in Missouri's medical marijuana patient cards since last year. However, many Missourians are still wondering when dispensaries with products readily available will open because of factors such as COVID-19. The local Missouri news source reports that the number of medical marijuana patient cards has doubled since last year.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services wrote in January 2020, "It's a hard reality to realize that marijuana isn't legally available unless found in nature." A part of the letter says medical marijuana cardholders are allowed to have it.

In 2020, medical marijuana became available for purchase by medical marijuana cardholders. Currently, patients can get marijuana from several dispensaries around the state.

Registering a Primary Caregiver in Missouri

The caregiver must be a Missouri resident and the patient to be considered as a caregiver. Both must be able to provide residency documentation by presenting a valid driver's license or photo ID. To be authorized to purchase and possess medical marijuana on the patient's behalf, the caregiver must be listed as the primary caregiver on the patient's medical cannabis certification application to identify them as the primary caregiver on application. Caregiver applications cost $25.94.

Up to two registered caregivers may be assigned to a patient who is 21 years of age or older and is a resident of Missouri. There is a limit of three patients that a caregiver can assist simultaneously. Caregiving responsibilities for a minor may only be entrusted to legal guardians or parents.

Benefits of medical marijuana card in Missouri

There are no retail taxes. A key benefit of having a medical marijuana card is that it allows you to access the market without paying any retail tax if you are in a market with both recreational and medical cannabis sales. If you do this over time, you can save thousands on medication costs. There is no tax on medicines if you are in a strictly medical market, so you can rest assured of their affordability and accessibility for years to come, so if you are in a strictly medical market, you can rest assured you won't have to worry about taxes on your medicine. Marijuana Can Be Grown At Home It should be noted that we are strong supporters of the accessibility of marijuana, which is why we consider that one of the main benefits of having a medical marijuana card is that the patient can grow marijuana. Having your medicine at the convenience of your home gives you the option of having it whenever you need it.

You are legally protected by it.

Having a medical marijuana card has the obvious but equally valuable benefit of protecting you legally and proving that you're allowed to possess medical marijuana (insofar as you're not over the limit). You should cover all your bases in states like Missouri, where there is only medical marijuana. If you are ever pulled over on the street or pulled over by the police, you can easily and quickly demonstrate that you follow the law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, you need to schedule an appointment with a physician at KIF to begin the process. Uploading your medical records will be one of the steps you need to take. After the appointment and if the physician approves you for the medical marijuana treatment, they will recommend certification from the state for the use of medical marijuana.

You can cultivate six plants as a licensed medical cannabis patient cultivator. Still, they must be housed in a proper and secure location only accessible to you.

Yes. You don’t need a previous conviction to apply for the program. You should take note of the fact that the state may revoke your license in the event of certain types of criminal activities that have occurred.

Missouri dispensaries offer a wide selection of medical cannabis products to patients seeking medicinal marijuana. A wide variety of cannabis products are available on our website, including dry flowers, edibles, vaporizers, prerolls, concentrates and extracts, tinctures, and topicals.

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