Fake Medical license Cards
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It is great to finally see state authorities all over the US making medical marijuana legal and providing legal channels through which qualifying patients can get access to a legitimate medical marijuana card.

However, no one denies the shady business involved in this sector as con artists and scammers alike try their level best to rip off patients looking for budget-friendly medical marijuana cards.

You need to understand one thing, a fake medical license card doesn’t hold any value or offer any kind of state-authorized legal protection for medical cannabis consumption/possession.

If you paid $50 for a medical marijuana card which costs around $150 in your state via a legal channel, chances are that you’re getting a fake weed card.

What is a Fake Medical License Card?

A fake medical marijuana card can be divided into several subcategories all different from one another. For example, there have been reports circulating of fake cards issued by medical physicians who weren’t registered to provide a medical marijuana recommendation in the first place.

fake medical license card

In such case, the whole process may look authentic as you’ll be visiting a registered physician but if the physician wasn’t authorized by the respective state to issue a medical marijuana card/recommendation, you have paid for a fake medical weed card.

At times, there are even credible online platforms informed in providing fake medical marijuana licenses/cards to hopeful patients at cheaper rates than usual.

Why Do Some People Consider Getting a Fake Weed Card?

Well, in most cases, the choice of getting a fake medical weed card is completely personal or there can be a possibility that the patient involved didn’t even know that the card is fake.

However, there can be two possible reasons why someone will be opting to get a fake medical marijuana card.

> Fake medical weed cards are often cheaper than legal medical weed cards.

> Fake medical weed cards don’t take much processing time and are available to patients way sooner than legitimate cards that go through a thorough state-licensing procedure.

Regulating medical marijuana cards and ensuring legal protection for patients having a valid mmj card is a state-specific matter. The legal consequences of possessing a fake medical cannabis card may differ from one state to another but can be broadly classified into the following three;

> You can either get blacklisted from applying for a valid medical marijuana card for an indefinite amount of time.

> You can be charged with a felony which can result in jail time.

> You’ll have to pay high fines depending upon the severity of misconduct/felony in your case.

Personal Dilemmas and Misinformation

While many opt for fake weed cards unknowingly or to save time and money, a significant number of people are driven by misinformation and personal dilemmas.

Some individuals, grappling with federal regulations and their implications on insurance and employment, find themselves considering fake cards as a solution. The lack of clear information and guidance pushes them into this risky territory.

How to avoid getting ripped off?

Use a Registry

Perhaps the best way to ensure that you’re booking an appointment with legitimate medical marijuana doctor is to check the status of him via the state-controlled registry. However, not all states have an active registry available for public use.


Considering the medical cannabis (Drug) bloom within the country, it is very likely that someone you know already has a valid medical marijuana card. Ask them about their experience and the legitimate medical marijuana practitioners they visited.


Every state that has an active medical marijuana program mentions the application charges for a legitimate medical marijuana card. If you notice any kind of unexpected price spike or drop, chances are that you’ll be getting a fake medical weed card.

What are the health risks associated with using products obtained with a fake MMJ card?

People need to understand that having a fake medical marijuana card can’t just be a legal problem for you as it poses serious risks to your health as well.

health risks associated with fake MMJ card

For example, let’s suppose you got a fake medical license card that authorizes you to purchase medical marijuana products suitable for epileptic seizures. But you aren’t diagnosed with epileptic seizures and have issues with chronic pain management.

Consuming medical marijuana products that were manufactured for epileptic seizures won’t treat chronic pain and can even worsen your health condition.

Some Conditions That Will Help You To Obtain Valid MMJ Card

> Avoiding family gatherings due to social anxiety.

> Depression.

> Panic attacks during work.

> Appetite disturbances caused by anxiety or depression.

> Frequent pain in a particular body part.

> Using alcohol to deal with stress, anxiety, or intense emotions.

> Difficulty falling asleep due to panic attacks.

> Struggling to focus due to anxiety or stress.

> Insufficient sleep.

> Affecting quality of life due to unusual fears.

> Insomnia

> Pain

Obtaining a Legitimate Medical Marijuana Card: A Step By Step Guide

Although the medical marijuana application process differs from one state to another, the Kif can still provide you with a general step-by-step guide for obtaining a legitimate medical marijuana card in any US state.

> The very first step is to go through the medical marijuana laws active in your state.

> Once you are well aware of the relevant laws, you can now start your search for a credible and certified medical marijuana doctor near you.

> Book your appointment and discuss your expectations from this mode of treatment in detail with your physician. If the physician believes that opting for a medical marijuana-based treatment is the right choice for your current health status, you’ll receive a legitimate medical marijuana recommendation.

> Gather all the necessary documents, pay the application processing fee, and submit your medical marijuana application to the relevant state authority.

> Wait for your approval and receive your state-authorized medical marijuana card via mail or download it through an official portal online.

Exploring Alternatives: What If I Don’t Qualify?

If you don’t qualify for a medical marijuana license, this means that your physician believes that there are better medical alternatives out there that can help you fully recover. Discuss this with your physician in detail so you can explore legal alternatives to medical marijuana-based treatment.

Talk To Your Physician

Throughout your journey of applying for a medical marijuana card, your physician will be performing a key role.

The physician will be responsible for diagnosing you with a qualifying medical condition, brief you on the pros and cons associated with this mode of treatment, and finally provide you with a written recommendation that you’ll have to submit with your application to the relevant state authority.

That’s why, be confident when discussing your medical condition with your physician and what are your expectations from the treatment.

Final Note

The chances of getting scammed are always present in any industry whatsoever. The bloom of medical marijuana legalization within the country is something that has interested scammers and con artists alike to earn easy bucks from hopeful and deserving patients.

That’s why, it is up to you to be well aware of your state’s medical marijuana program so you can identify anything out of the ordinary that can lead to a fake medical weed card.

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