Is Delta 9 Legal In Idaho?
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Delta-9 made from hemp is currently available and completely legal in Idaho.

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Is Delta 9 THC legal in Idaho? Yes, but only in specific situations.

As of the time of writing, it is forbidden to use marijuana for either recreational purposes or medical purposes. Idaho legalized hemp after the 2018 Farm Bill.

Does this mean that Idaho residents can purchase Delta 9 items online? Yes, but only if it complies with Idaho law’s restrictions. On a dry weight basis, a hemp product may contain up to 0.3% of Delta 9 concentrations.

Idaho House Bill 126

With a law approved by the Idaho Legislature in April 2021, Idaho became the 50th state in the US to legalize industrial hemp. Idaho’s state plan for hemp regulation was authorized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in October 2021, and the department launched licensing applications in early November.

The growth, manufacturing, and transportation of industrial hemp in the state were made legal in 2021 when Governor Brad Little signed House Bill 126, also known as the Idaho Industrial Hemp Law.

Idaho became the last state to legalize the crop after it was made legal on a federal level in 2018 when Governor Little signed House Bill 126, allowing for the production and transport of hemp with a maximum THC value of 0.3%.

For producers and handlers, Idaho offers two different licensing options. Handlers are allowed to transform raw hemp resources, such as seeds, into other products; but does not permit the crop to be grown. A producer with a license may cultivate and sell the product, including the seeds.

Medical Marijuana in Idaho

Idaho has forbidden the use of marijuana for any purpose, including medical and recreational ones. The marijuana prohibition laws in Idaho are among the strictest in the country; even small amounts of marijuana are illegal to possess, and there is no legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.

Activists in Idaho proposed a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana in 2024. Those who meet the requirements might buy cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries if the measure is approved, and those who cannot access or cannot afford shops could grow up to six plants at home.


The current law permits the use of Delta 9 THC in Idaho. But before buying Delta 9 products, do check its concentration as you can only buy D9 products having a concentration of 0.3% in Idaho.

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