How To Dry Cannabis In A Paper Bag?
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Many growers may have mentioned drying and curing cannabis in paper bags. Is it effective, and if so, should it be recommended? The answer is yes. Let’s examine the benefits of this method of drying cannabis in a paper bag in more detail.

Drying and curing your cannabis buds is an essential step in guaranteeing an excellent finished product. Whether you’ve grown marijuana before or not, you are aware of the time and effort that goes into it.

The effort you put into growing will not be wasted if you dry and cure cannabis properly. If you utilize them properly, paper bags can be helpful at the end of the drying process

Importance of Drying and Curing for Great Buds

A high-quality finished product requires a drying and curing process. To dry a plant is to essentially take the moisture out of it. Additionally, it entails getting rid of the chlorophyll, which if left in the nugs might give off a musty odor.

When smoking, improperly dried or cured buds will make you cough. This strong fragrance will lessen when the cannabis buds are cured for a longer period, producing more terpenes.

Curing improves the quality of the buds for smoking by removing the chlorophyll and consuming the sugars and minerals. Terpenes won’t decay if you dry your cannabis in a cool, dark environment.

You can manage the wetness by using a paper bag to ensure that they are just the right amount of damp or dry. Your cannabis will survive longer if the drying and curing processes are done properly, and you can even try lengthier curing techniques.

How to Dry Your Cannabis Plants Properly

There are several ways to dry cannabis, and the method you choose will depend on the available space as well as the weather. It’s important to slow down this process if you reside in a dry environment to prevent the loss of terpenes or cannabinoids.

If you plan to keep your cannabis buds for a long time, drying them properly is essential. Drying slowly is the key to getting high terpene concentration.

Your goal should be to dry the plant as gently as you can in a place free of mold or mildew. Flush the soil first, then wait a day or two for it to dry before cutting the branches off to harvest your buds.

This is one of the best cannabis growing advice. If you have enough space, cut the plant, hang it entirely from a rope, or trim the larger branches and hang them from hooks. Trim the bigger leaves now so that just the buds are left.

Your drying room should be between 60 and 70 °F (15 and 21 °C) and 45 to 55% humidity. Your cannabis plants must be kept out of direct sunlight because it can lower their THC content.

It may take three to 10 days to complete this process. However, if you don’t have the ideal circumstances, don’t worry; the paper bags will still be of great use to you.

How to Dry Marijuana in a Paper Bag for Amazing Buds

After the drying is complete, placing the nugs in paper bags ensures that they are beautiful and smooth. But at what point exactly should cannabis be started drying in a paper bag?

When the tiny stems that link the buds are dry, they are prepared. The paper bags’ atmosphere helps the moisture in the buds to evaporate evenly.

At this time, you don’t need to worry about properly trimming your buds. Smaller branches with a few buds on them may fit loosely within the bags. Make sure to use a sturdy brown paper bag; avoid shiny or waxed bags.

Even if the buds are completely saturated in the center when you put them inside the bag, the atmosphere will uniformly distribute and evaporate the moisture. If you use this method, your buds won’t become too wet where mold or mildew can form, or too dry where they crumble when you touch them.

When the nugs are sufficiently moist, you can stop the drying process by putting the paper bags inside a black plastic bag and tightly sealing them.

This procedure can help in slowing the drying process if your environment causes it to proceed too quickly. Only for the first several weeks cannabis should be dried in paper bags. Nobody wants their nugs to be entirely dried out and crumbly after a few months.

Curing Cannabis in Paper Bags – Only For A Couple of Weeks

You can smoke your buds after two weeks or loosely pack them into sealed mason jars. The remaining leaves with no trichomes can now be gently trimmed.

If your nugs are thoroughly dried, you can store them in the mason jar for months as they continue to cure.

Some enthusiasts think that allowing cannabis to mature for longer periods can improve the smoking experience. This is because the high terpene content can provide complex and overwhelming scents.

However, potency may slightly decline, so you should experiment to find the ideal balance between flavor and power.

So, is it legit to dry marijuana in paper bags?

In short, yes. Many knowledgeable and professional growers use the method of drying cannabis in paper bags. But you should only do it at the end of drying, just before you begin curing your buds.

Curing is not necessary, but it will help you enjoy a smooth smoke with potent fragrances.

Pros Of Paper Bag Bud Curing

  1. When compared to Mason jars, one benefit of curing marijuana in brown paper bags is that it happens significantly faster.
  2. Another advantage of curing marijuana buds in a brown paper bag is that the process is straightforward; all you have to do is place the buds inside, seal the bag, and periodically check the buzz.
  3. Many people believe that using brown paper bags to cure marijuana buds produces an excellent flavor.


The process of drying marijuana in paper bags is a legitimate method. Just follow the steps discussed in this article to get the desired result.

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