Gun Ownership and Medical Marijuana Cards In Ohio
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In Ohio, only medical marijuana has been legalized so far, and using marijuana for recreation is still banned.

Governor Kasich signed House Bill 523 making Ohio the 25th US state to legalize medical marijuana. Enough about the history, let’s talk about the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program in 2023.

The program is supervised by the Ohio Department of Commerce and the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

Any individual, diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition and is a resident of Ohio can apply for a MMJ card in the state.

It is quite encouraging, considering that the state has some drastic measures to regulate its medical marijuana program allowing more and more qualifying patients to benefit from it.

But does the state offer legal protection to its residents with a valid medical marijuana ID when it comes to gun possession?

Unfortunately, no. The state of Ohio follows federal legislation in matters associated with gun possession.

As marijuana is recognized as a Schedule I substance at the federal level, medical marijuana patients automatically get disqualified from owning a firearm in Ohio.

Is It a Good Idea To a Dispensary in Ohio?

When it comes to handguns, in particular, Ohio is a permitless carry state. If you do qualify to carry a handgun, you may not require a carry permit to do so.

Plus, there are no restrictions when it comes to carrying a handgun to a dispensary or any other premises as long as the owner/caretaker of the premises doesn’t restrict you from doing something like that.

A school zone or a courthouse’s premises is exempted and the person carrying a gun within these zones requires a CHL permit.

As per Ohio’s gun regulations, the person owning the gun must not be a ‘fugitive from justice and must not be ‘forbidden’ by state/federal laws from owning/carrying a gun.

The person must also be 21 years or older for a permitless carry or to apply for a CHL permit.

Consuming CBD Products and Owning a Gun in Ohio

Fortunately, adult residents of Ohio can legally purchase/consume CBD-based products as long as they are derived from industrial hemp and contain no more than 0.3% of THC content.

This means that you can legally consume CBD products in Ohio while owning a gun or a CHL permit.

Our expert opinion

When compared to other US states that have an active medical marijuana program, the Ogio medical marijuana program is relatively new and the state surely needs some more time to take a more progressive and credible approach regarding the program.

This involves ensuring the basic US citizenship rights of every registered medical marijuana patient within the state including the right to own a firearm is eligible.

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