Are Edibles Legal in Ohio?
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Yes, cannabis edibles are legal in Ohio. However, recreational use of cannabis is not yet allowed within the state, limiting the use of cannabis edibles to medical marijuana users.

Ohio’s Cannabis Culture

Ohio is known to be one of the very first US states that adopt the initiative of decriminalizing cannabis. However, even when everyone was expecting major upgrades of the state’s cannabis laws in years to come, the state opted to maintain its stance on the issue till 2018. That explains why the state and its residents fail to correlate with the use of cannabis and its impact on their culture.

Understanding Ohio’s Cannabis Legalization

The state of Ohio has a pretty diverse history with cannabis and how cannabis laws were upgraded within the state over the years.

  • History of Cannabis Laws in Ohio

The state of Ohio became the sixth US state to decriminalize small possession of marijuana back in 1975 when Governor James Rhodes signed the relevant bill. At that time, it seemed like the state would eventually take some drastic actions in favor of cannabis use within the state sometime in the near future. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen for the next 41 years.

  • The Adult Use of Marijuana Act

On September 8, 2016, House Bill 523 became effective making Ohio one of the US states who have legalized the use of medical cannabis in the last decade. The bill allowed patients who were diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition to apply for an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card. Within the state, it is the only legal way to enjoy cannabis-filled edibles and other similar products.

Yes, cannabis edibles are legal in Ohio but are only limited to medical marijuana users. Apart from this, there are certain regulations you need to keep in mind as well.

As per the state law, each cannabis-edible pack must not exceed the set limit of 110 mg of THC. The law also mentions that each portion or dose of these products must not exceed 50 mg in THC content.

Key Regulations for Edible Consumption

Even though only medical marijuana users can consume their favorite cannabis-infused edibles in Ohio, there are certain conditions and regulations that must be followed.

  • Age Restriction: 18 and Over

Only qualifying patients, who are 18 or older can legally possess and consume cannabis edibles. It is important to note that registered medical marijuana patients who are not yet 18 but are accompanied by a designated caregiver get an exemption from the set age limit.

  • Licensed Retailers: Buying from Authorized Sources

The state of Ohio has a network of licensed marijuana dispensaries from where you can easily get your desired cannabis-filled products. Getting goods from licensed outlets ensures access to quality products as well.

  • Packaging and Labeling: What to Look For

As per the state law, packaging for most of the cannabis-infused edible products is tear-resistant to ensure that these products don’t grab the attention of teens and children alike.

  • THC Limits: Staying Within Legal Boundaries

As per state law, individuals can possess up to 100-110 mg of THC content per edible.

Where You Can and Can’t Consume

Following are certain conditions and areas where you can’t consume cannabis edibles, even with a valid medical marijuana card.

Public Consumption: Know the Restrictions

The state of Ohio has a very strict stance on public consumption of cannabis edibles and similar products. No one is allowed to consume such products in public, no matter the circumstance.

DUI Laws: Driving Under the Influence of Edibles

Driving under the influence of cannabis, alcohol, or any other such substances that may alter someone’s ability to operate a vehicle is illegal as per the state regulation. As a result, individuals found guilty of such charges often face jail time and financial fines.

Possession Limits: Staying within Legal Possession Limits

As per state law, individuals can possess up to 100-110 mg of THC content per edible. The law also clearly mentions that the person who violates the set possession limits may face criminal charges being pressed against them.

Where can I get edibles from in Ohio?

As mentioned earlier, the state of Ohio has a network of licensed dispensaries from where relevant cannabis products can be purchased. These centers often provide great help in understanding the type of strain or product that will be most suitable for you.

Final Note

Considering the history of Ohio with cannabis and how far the state has come from its initial cannabis laws, we do hope that the state will legalize recreational cannabis use at some point in the future. Why? Well, it will be a great source of revenue and will also reduce cannabis-related arrests significantly.

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