Is Weed Legal in Bahrain?
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In Bahrain, it is against the law to use marijuana or any of its derivatives for therapeutic or recreational purposes. The Kingdom of Bahrain, a country in the Middle East, has a severe policy against illegal drugs even though it is regarded as a relatively liberal state.

Even small amounts of marijuana can result in severe punishments, including hefty fines and jail time. People who are discovered to be trafficking drugs may receive the death penalty.

Bahrain Marijuana Laws

Bahraini legislation classifies cannabis as a Schedule I narcotic substance. The 2007-enacted Law Number 15 which regulates the possession of illegal narcotics and psychoactive substances. In Bahrain, it is against the law to possess, consume, cultivate, import, export, manufacture, or transfer illicit narcotics, including marijuana. Offenders can face harsh penalties.

By Law 15/2007, those found guilty of engaging in the above-mentioned act—or simply intending to do so—may be subject to a fine of up to 50,000 dinars, a lifetime in jail, or possibly the death penalty.

Bahrain’s drug laws impose harsher punishments on repeat offenders, public servants involved in drug trafficking, people who use minors in drug trafficking, and people who work with foreign gangs to bring drugs into or out of Bahrain.

There is currently no sign that Bahrain would compromise on its position on marijuana any time soon. People who are thinking about visiting Bahrain should be informed that even skincare items containing CBD oil are illegal there.

Those taking prescription medication and visiting the Gulf nation are advised to get permission from Bahraini authorities.

Harsh Sentences for Those Trafficking Weed

A lady from Cameroon was found guilty in April 2023 and sentenced to a 10-year in prison and a BD 5,000 fine for concealing a kilogram of marijuana in dried herbs and shrimp. The woman was discovered to be a part of a network that distributed and smuggled drugs inside Bahrain.

A Bahraini national was given the death penalty in 2022 for smuggling 50 kilograms of hashish from Iran of selling it in Bahrain.

Medical Marijuana in Bahrain

In Bahrain, it is unlawful to produce, sell, or possess any kind of medical marijuana products.

Recreational Marijuana in Bahrain

In Bahrain, it is against the law to grow, sell, or possess cannabis for recreational use.

When cannabis-related offenses like growing or possession are discovered, penalties are severe, and jail time is to be expected.

Can You Grow Cannabis in Bahrain?

According to Bahraini legislation, it is forbidden to grow, import, or export prohibited plants at any phase of growth, including as seeds.

Beyond the fact that it is illegal to produce marijuana in Bahrain, the island’s geography makes it challenging. Sand and salt dunes and rocky limestone cover the majority of Bahrain.

The island’s little rainfall makes it unsuitable for growing cannabis. In Bahrain, those who attempt to grow marijuana illegally typically do so in their homes.


  • Cannabis is classified as a Schedule I prohibited substance under Bahraini legislation, which forbids its usage for either medical or recreational purposes. There is no medical marijuana program in Bahrain, and the government of Bahrain has made no declaration that medical marijuana will soon be allowed.

What are the penalties for marijuana use in Bahrain?

  • Those who cultivate, produce, sell, or traffick illegal narcotics like cocaine or cannabis face severe punishments in Bahrain. If found guilty of marijuana possession, a person might face steep fines or even jail time. Those convicted guilty of trafficking or sales risk the death penalty or life imprisonment.
  • Bahraini legislation does not distinguish between hemp CBD or cannabis. In Bahrain, even products that contain solely CBD and little or no THC may be considered illegal.


In the Kingdom of Bahrain, marijuana is banned for both medical and recreational use, and anyone found guilty of marijuana possession, cultivation, manufacturing, or trafficking faces harsh penalties.

The Middle Eastern nation is one of the strictest in the world when it comes to cannabis regulation, with lengthy prison sentences and even the death penalty for anyone found guilty of cannabis-related offenses.

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