How Much Weed Can You Grow At Home?
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Have you ever wondered, how much weed can you grow at home? The amount one can legally cultivate is subject to state-specific restrictions and rules.

As more states legalize marijuana and the plant gains popularity, more people are testing their gardening skills by cultivating their own marijuana at home. The majority of states that have legalized marijuana let an individual grow six plants at home and a whole household to grow twelve. Some permit more, while others permit less.

How much bud from one weed plant?

The size of a plant depends on a variety of circumstances, but generally speaking, if you are cultivating a healthy plant, you can anticipate the following yields from one weed plant:

  • Outdoor plant: 224g, or half a pound of buds
  • Indoor plant: 112g, or 1/4 pound of buds

Remember that these are only estimations. They aren’t constrained by area when growing outside, plants can typically grow to be enormous; it’s not unusual for them to weigh close to a pound or more.

Space is a common constraint when growing indoors; a plant can’t grow as large in a grow tent as it can in a large, open basement. It also depends on the power of your grow light.

How long will one plant’s worth of bud last you?

No matter how big your plant grows, you’ll probably have more flowers than you can handle. A lot of individuals will reserve a specific amount of flowers for smoking and use the remaining crop to create edibles, extracts, and other marijuana-related items.

Think about how much marijuana you use per day, per week, or per month. For comparison, a gram is equal to two medium joints or three to four bowls. Do you use one gram per day or a week? Two grams a day or a week?

If you smoke one gram of marijuana per day, or 14 kg., or 112 grams, from one medium-to-large indoor plant, that plant would last you 112 days, or slightly under four months! A half gram per day, or an eighth of a gram per week, would sustain you for eight months, while two grams per day would last two months.

This will assist in assisting you in determining how many plants you ought to grow. If you’re growing indoors, you can keep a continual cycle of growth by growing one plant at a time, harvesting it, and starting another.

Factors that affect the growth rate of weed plants

Like any crop, such as maize, wheat, fruit, etc., the yield of a weed plant is the quantity of dried buds you collect from it. When cultivating marijuana, you should aim for big yields and high-quality buds. It takes a little practice to get both.

After being cut down, a weed plant will lose around 75% of its weight due to moisture loss and cutting. Trimming gets rid of all the plant’s stems, branches, fan leaves, and trim, which causes a significant amount of moisture to evaporate from the plant during drying.

You won’t likely receive more than 3/4 lb of finished buds (which is still a lot of weed) from a freshly cut plant weighing three pounds, so try not to get too excited.

More than a six-foot tree could be produced by a medium-sized plant with high-quality, thick nugs. Additionally, numerous plants can grow on top of one another and shadow one another out, lowering yields. Give plants plenty of room to grow.

The following are some significant elements that affect a weed plant’s yield:

  • Strain/genetics
  • Grow duration
  • Light
  • Climate
  • Soil type/amount


Due to their genetic makeup, some marijuana strains are strong yielders, grow large or tall, or both. Sativas grow tall and lanky whereas indicas grow short and stocky. Even though it’s not always the case, this is still a reasonable generalization.

For instance, Lemon Skunk is renowned for being a tall, lanky strain, so you should expect huge yields from it. High yields are another selling point for Blue Dream and Chemdog.

Growth duration

One of the most important aspects affecting weed growth is how long you let a plant develop, or the duration from seed germination to harvest.

When growing outdoors, the local environment plays a major role in determining when you can plant seeds. Even though it won’t be warm enough to plant outside in some areas until May, you can start growing plants indoors with the correct setup.

The amount of area you have to deal with impacts how long plants grow inside. You may let plants develop for months and reach as big as you want in a roomy basement or shed before forcing them to flower. You might only be able to let your plants grow to a height of a few feet if room is limited, such as in a grow tent or other compact spaces.


A plant’s exposure to light varies greatly. The location of a plant determines where it will receive the most light throughout the full growth season when it is grown outdoors. The full sun, or at least six hours of direct sunshine each day, is what weeds plants need . Yields may be impacted if a plant is shaded or becomes shaded as the season progresses and the light changes.

It depends on how strong your light is inside. For a modest grow tent, a 200W LED will work nicely, but for a larger area, you’ll need a bigger, more expensive light.

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Generally speaking, weed prefers warm, temperate climes, but some strains may also tolerate colder regions. Indicas like cold, dry temperatures while sativas prefer warm, humid settings.

A plant’s growth and production can be impacted by abrupt significant temperature changes, such as a sudden cold snap that can inhibit a plant’s growth or a heatwave that can dry out a plant.

Soil type/amount

The amount of minerals in soil varies, and some nutrients can help plants thrive. For plants to grow big and robust, fertilizers can also be added to the soil or water.

The size of a plant will also vary if it is being grown in a container, depending on the size of the container or the amount of soil the roots have access to. Growing a plant in a pot that is too small will impede its growth.


By using the right conditions discussed in this article, you can grow a big yield at home while following the right rules for home cultivation.

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