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Lemon Skunk

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About Lemon Skunk Strain

History & Genetics

Lemon Skunk is a sativa hybrid with a THC content as high as 22%. This strain is well recognised for its lemon flavor. It was one of the top ten strains according to High Times in 2009. Lemon Skunk was created by DNA Genetics, who used two separate skunk strains as its parents because they had distinct lemon flavors and aromas. The father is a Holland-born skunk, and the mother is a Vegas-born skunk.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

As you could expect, this strain is quite skunky and has a mouthwatering lemon flavor when inhaled. It has dense orange hairs and pale green nugs as it grows.


Its effects start with a burst of upbeat cerebral stimulation, which frequently results in introspection. In addition to being thought-provoking and creative, Lemon Skunk is also thought to be energizing and exciting by some users. Users of the body stone frequently experience a mild sense of sedation due to its numbing and calming effects.

After the initial brain stimulation wears off, inexperienced users may discover that it puts them to sleep an hour or two later. Common adverse effects include dry mouth and eyes, potential paranoia, anxiety, and lightheadedness, particularly when the strain is consumed in large doses.

Lemon Skunk is most frequently prescribed for this application because it works effectively for daytime pain reduction, especially in the case of persistent migraines. Because of this strain’s ability to improve mood, those who struggle with stress, anxiety, and depression prefer it. Additionally, the strain is utilized to treat eating problems and nausea.


The strain is suitable for producers of any expertise level. It flourishes both indoors and outdoors. The strain may purportedly yield up to 600 grams per square meter and takes 55 to 65 days to complete. Lemon Skunk is typically ready for harvest outside around April in the Southern Hemisphere and October in the Northern Hemisphere.

Lemon Skunk Strain Helps With


36% of respondents claim it lessens stress.


30% of people claim that it alleviates depression.


30% of respondents said it reduces anxiety.


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