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About Super Silver Haze strain

When it comes to iconic cannabis strains, Super Silver Haze stands out as a true legend in the world of marijuana cultivation. This Sativa-dominant hybrid boasts a rich history, captivating genetics, and a unique blend of characteristics that make it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. Super Silver Haze is a highly acclaimed Sativa-dominant cannabis strain that gained fame in the 1990s.

History & Genetics

Super Silver Haze, often abbreviated as SSH, is the result of a carefully crafted breeding program. Its genetic lineage includes three renowned strains: Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. Recognized as the reigning champion of Sativas during the 1990s, Super Silver Haze boasts an impressive collection of accolades garnered from numerous Cannabis Cups over the years. The strain’s inception was the result of meticulous breeding efforts undertaken by two renowned cultivators, Shantibaba and Neville. This journey into creating Super Silver Haze commenced when Shantibaba was affiliated with Greenhouse Seeds in the early 1990s. These genetic foundations contribute to its unique qualities, including a high THC content, impressive resin production, and a complex terpene profile.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

One of the striking features of Super Silver Haze is its remarkable appearance. These buds commonly display a bright green hue adorned with vivid orange pistils and a lavish layer of trichomes, resulting in a glistening, crystalline appearance.
When it comes to aroma and flavor, Super Silver Haze is a sensory delight. It boasts a complex bouquet that combines earthy, citrus, and sweet notes. The scent is often described as a blend of skunky undertones with hints of lemon and spicy herbs. These aromatic qualities make it an enticing strain for those who appreciate a diverse sensory experience when consuming cannabis.


As with any cannabis strain, finding the right dose of Super Silver Haze is crucial to enjoying its effects without overindulging. The potency of this strain can vary, but it typically contains a high THC level, often exceeding 20%. Novice users should exercise caution and start with a low dose to avoid potential discomfort or anxiety.

Experienced users may enjoy a slightly higher dose but should still be mindful of its potent effects. It’s advisable to start with a small amount, monitor your tolerance, and adjust as needed. Remember that individual tolerance can vary, so always approach dosing with caution and responsibility.


Super Silver Haze is celebrated for its energizing and uplifting effects. The high is cerebral, producing a clear-headed euphoria that promotes creativity and focus. This strain is ideal for daytime use, as it can boost motivation and productivity while keeping you mentally agile.
Aside from its stimulating properties, Super Silver Haze also provides a sense of relaxation that permeates the body without inducing a couch lock. This balance between mental invigoration and physical relaxation makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of activities, from creative endeavors to social gatherings.

Methods of Consumption

Super Silver Haze can be enjoyed through various consumption methods. Smoking it in a joint or pipe is a classic choice, highlighting its unique flavors. Vaporization offers a healthier alternative by eliminating combustion. If you prefer edibles, you can infuse it into baked goods, but be cautious with dosing. Dabbing Super Silver Haze concentrates is a fast and intense option for experienced users. Your choice depends on personal preference and experience level, with each method offering a distinct way to experience this legendary strain.

Medical Application

Super Silver Haze, with its unique combination of Sativa genetics, has found medical applications particularly beneficial for patients dealing with mood disorders and certain chronic conditions. Its uplifting and euphoric effects can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress, providing a sense of mental relief and well-being. Additionally, its cerebral effects may enhance focus and creativity, making it potentially valuable for those seeking relief. While Super Silver Haze may not be the go-to choice for pain relief, its mild physical relaxation can offer some comfort for mild to moderate pain. However, it’s essential for medical users to consult with healthcare professionals.


Cultivating Super Silver Haze can be a rewarding endeavor for those with some experience in cannabis cultivation. This strain thrives in a warm, Mediterranean-like climate if grown outdoors. When cultivating indoors, ensure adequate space and height to accommodate the plant’s stretching during its longer flowering phase, which typically lasts around 10-12 weeks. Proper nutrition is crucial, as Super Silver Haze can be sensitive to nutrient imbalances, so monitor your plants closely. Regular pruning and training techniques can help manage its height and promote better light penetration, ultimately leading to higher yields. While it may be a bit challenging for beginners, with the right care and attention, Super Silver Haze can produce top-quality buds that are well worth the effort.


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