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Apple Tartz

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About Apple Tartz Strain

History and Genetics

Apple Tartz, a balanced 50/50 hybrid strain that will leave you oh-so-fruity blazed, is a famous offspring of Apple Fritter and Runtz. The genetics of Apple Fritter (Sour Apple x Animal Cookies) are what give this strain its prominent calming effects, and the fruity Runtz (Zkittlez x Gelato) offers it uplifting benefits. It’s a match made in cannabis heaven!

Appearance, Aroma and Flavor

Apple Tartz has lovely long golden pistills that are covered in a dark pear color. This extremely attractive bud has a thick layer of icy trichomes covering the top. Your favorite strain will undoubtedly be this one.

This strain smells like a beautifully tart, crisp apple, as its name suggests. Along with the fruity aromas, there are gassy and creamy undertones. Apple Tartz is a fantastic accompaniment to a well-balanced breakfast because of its dessert-like flavor, which is immediately noticeable upon inhalation. With nodes of diesel, floral, and berry cream to finish this excellent smoking, the sweetness persists through the exhale.


Although this strain is excellent throughout the day, a wake and bake benefits greatly from its uplifting properties. After smoking, you can already feel the sativa’s effects, which include a deliciously buzzing, euphoric head high. The indica begins to take effect as the high progresses, enabling your entire body to relax and become tranquil. Although the smoke is not harsh, its effects are undoubtedly strong.

If you smoke Apple Tartz in the morning, the effects will probably last well into the afternoon because it has a long-lasting high. Although the strain’s sedative effects are noticeable, it won’t make you want to stay in bed all day because of its upbeat effects, which keep you happy, engaged, and prepared to face the day.

Apple Tartz is excellent for treating depression and chronic pain due to its extremely high THC content of about 26%. This strain is strong, long-lasting, and mouth wateringly delicious!


Apple Tartz is a challenging strain to grow since it needs a lot of upkeep and great growing abilities to produce quality buds. If not correctly clipped when developing, it will be difficult to handle as it grows tall and dense. It takes 63–70 days for it to flower, and warmer climates between 18 and 27 degrees Celsius are optimum for growth.


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