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About Animal Mint Strain

History & Genetics

If you enjoy the flavor of mint, almost anything sounds good when combined with it. Depending on who you ask, this flower may be a hybrid of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG or it may come from a cross of Thin Mint GSC and Animal Cookies with a hint of Blue Power.

Now that you’re totally confused, let’s add to that confusion by talking about her potency, which seems to range widely. While some suggest that Animal Mint has a maximum THC content of 32%, some claim that she can be found as low as 15%.

Appearance, Aroma, Flavor

It makes sense that she would be powerful because these fluffy nugs contain a sizable quantity of amber trichomes and a tonne of sticky resin. Her genetics would suggest that she would have flavors and aromas similar to those of mint, cookie dough, pine, and even a little diesel thrown in for good measure.


Animal Mint is great for those who want to go from fully functional to completely stoned . As her cerebral effects begin to take effect, users will feel tremendously pleased and talkative, but soon you’ll find yourself dipping in and out of any conversations you’re having. Before you smoke, get comfortable with a blanket and a pillow since couch lock will be so severe that you might as well fall asleep.

Even the most resilient individuals can suffer the effects of medical conditions, and occasionally only highly potent cannabis can provide relief. Users of Animal Mint will experience a natural reduction in anxiety and depression as forming coherent ideas is extremely difficult. Similarly, a few puffs can help with bodily issues including headaches, sleeplessness, and even trouble sustaining an appetite.


It makes sense to want Animal Mint to be a part of your backyard garden given her incredible potency and ability to enhance your smoking experience with a variety of flavors. Sadly, it appears that this bud was never made available as a seed, and because no one really knows who her real breeders are, the likelihood of discovering clones is extremely low.

Take your time and look everywhere for Animal Mint; the effort will be well worth it. Clear your schedule entirely, prepare some munchies, and settle into a comfortable couch before you start smoking.


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