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White Fire OG

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About White Fire OG Strain

History & Genetics

White Fire, sometimes known as White Fire OG or even WiFi OG, is a mildly indica-dominant strain (60/40), with a strong earthy aroma, a high THC content, and a preference for warm, dry climates. It’s a hybrid that descends from Fire OG and The White (although some laboratory evidence points to the possibility that it or a related phenotype may have been crossed with San Fernando Valley OG Kush and pure OG Kush).

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

The plant is divided into spade-shaped green nugs covered in thick, opaque, golden trichomes that resemble a covering of gold. The flavor is a lovely blend of pepper, earth, and sour citrus, with flavors of petrol and herbs coming through on the exhale.


The WiFi OG strain will always be a potent one to smoke because it has a THC content of 20 to 28 percent. The strain is most effective when used to unwind your body and mind after a hard day. You’ll initially sense a sneaky clarity of mind. A White Fire will then erupt in your head, doing everything in its ability to aid with your decompression, living up to its name. You’ll experience joy, clarity, and peace.

You’ll be alert and energized, but you’ll also be sleepy. ADHD, discomfort, melancholy, stress, and weariness vanish under the light of White Fire. Regardless of how you “want” to feel, you’ll feel sluggish because this strain doesn’t typically make you sleepy. You’ll simply cave in and stop caring.


The strain has a good yield and flowers in about 65 days. The strain does well in both indoor and outdoor mild, dry settings.  Producers appreciate the strain’s resistance to illnesses and pests. The only thing to keep in mind is to regularly trim it while carefully controlling the growing temperature and moisture. When cared for properly, White Fire yields a lot with dense buds that burst open across the boughs of the average-sized plant.


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