Why Does Marijuana Make You Dizzy?
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Anyone who has felt light-headed right after using marijuana understands how unpleasant it can be. A person may decide to abstain from using cannabis in the future even though the marijuana-induced symptoms typically fade away in a matter of seconds.

Understanding the connection between them is crucial because it is a typical side effect of marijuana use. Do you have a Medical Marijuana Card using platforms like KIF? But are you now worried about why dizziness follows right after consuming cannabis? If so, this article is for you.

So, let’s examine the connection between nausea and marijuana.

Reportedly, feeling dizzy is something common among marijuana users. Although old, a 1992 study revealed that a maximum of 60% of people felt average to severe dizziness after cannabis consumption. Let’s explore what else the research stated.

There were ten men added to the research work. All these men didn’t consume cannabis for at least three months. Before tests, the researchers measured their heart rate, blood pressure, and cerebral blood flow in reclining and standing positions.

Before repeating the tests, the researchers asked them to smoke a high-THC joint or a placebo. Six out of these ten participants started feeling dizziness after cannabis use. This is because the powerful marijuana strain might make you feel light-headed by decreasing blood pressure and cerebral blood flow.

According to study investigations, these two are the main causes of vertigo, and both of these aspects were impacted by using marijuana with a higher potency. After using marijuana, users with severe vertigo saw a decline in their blood pressure.

Interestingly, the marijuana joint, not the placebo joint, caused the queasy feeling. Postural hypotension may also occasionally result from this unusual THC-caused blood pressure reduction in the person.

Postural Hypotension: Meaning & Relevance

Have you ever become light-headed or noticed spots when you stood up too quickly? The cause of that is postural hypotension. Gravity draws blood from your chest into the blood vessels beneath your diaphragm as you stand.

Since there is immediately less blood returning to and filling your heart, this shift produces a sharp drop in blood pressure. The baroreceptor receptor is activated whenever there is a shift in blood pressure like this. They recognize alterations and set-in-motion reactions that let the body regain equilibrium.

Baroreceptors cause an increase in heart rate when blood pressure drops, which narrows the blood vessels and increases resistance in the veins.

The blood pressure is brought back to normal by this process. The baroreflex is essential for preserving good circulation. Postural hypotension is a disorder that affects some people, mostly older adults. When standing up under these circumstances, the blood pressure falls abnormally low.

Orthostatic hypotension is another name for the condition. Dehydration, organ dysfunction, certain drugs, baroreflex system dysfunction, and other factors can all contribute to this syndrome. Perhaps not unexpectedly, marijuana can also cause it.

Since your blood pressure can’t settle when you stand, postural hypotension develops, resulting in several symptoms, such as:

  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Fainting
  • Lightheadedness
  • Weakness
  • Headaches

Due to decreased blood and oxygen availability to the brain, all of this occurs. Additionally, some people will tremble as their bodies struggle to right themselves. Though it sounds frightening, postural hypotension is usually nothing to be concerned about.

The human body has the capacity to handle severe situations and will eventually heal itself. Try to limit your marijuana consumption if you’re feeling worried, and don’t combine it with alcohol, either.

Things To Do If Using Marijuana Makes You Feel Dizzy

As long as you are safe and not operating machines, dizziness is not really cause for concern. It shouldn’t last very long and will go away very shortly. It might, however, be uncomfortable and confusing. You can do several things if smoking frequently causes you to feel light-headed.

Do Not Exceed Your Prescribed Dosage

People usually feel light-headed after consuming marijuana when they consume/smoke it for the first time when their THC tolerance level is low, or when they smoke/consume it occasionally. Overconsumption of marijuana can result in stressful outcomes, making you feel dizzy and sometimes even faint.

Avoid Standing Up So Quickly

Standing up too quickly can make you feel dizzy whether or not you’ve had any cannabis. Take your time rising from your chair, then. You can also try lightly stretching your arms to get your blood flowing well before rising.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Dizziness is frequently brought on by dehydration, which is also frequently a side effect of marijuana use. If you’ve ever smoked marijuana, you’ll know it creates cottonmouth.

Moreover, a lack of water in the blood results in a lack of volume, which affects your blood pressure. Increase your water intake when using cannabis to prevent dehydration. As a general guideline, try to drink two liters of water daily.

You might want to increase this even more when using cannabis. No matter before, during, and after your session, stay hydrated.

Maintains Your Blood Sugar Level

Blood sugar levels are yet another element that might affect blood pressure. For this reason, keeping some munchies on hand for when you are high can be a smart idea. Additionally, salty items like chips can raise blood pressure.

Do Not Panic and Relax

Dizziness and confusion can be uncomfortable at times. Because of this, we advise having a reliable friend close by who can assist you. Don’t freak out no matter what occurs!

Take a seat and exhale deeply if you start to feel light-headed. When you’re ready, slowly stand up once more. Drink some water slowly, and you will surely be fine. If necessary, you can support yourself while standing using a wall or sturdy furniture.

Use a Different Strain

There are many cannabinoids present in various cannabis strains. The most likely culprit for inducing lightheadedness is THC.

So, if you frequently feel light-headed after smoking a certain strain, verify its THC level. Instead, you could be better off switching to a strain with more CBD. Both the euphoria and the wooziness won’t be as strong.

Final Words

The negative effects of marijuana are generally not too severe. Still, if you don’t follow instructions or choose strains that are bad for the patient or have the wrong proportions, it can bother them or occasionally have no effect at all.

Instead of being perplexed by it, it is always best to seek out medical marijuana suggestions from a licensed physician in your state and obtain legal authorizations to access the therapy there. And for simple and quick access to the Medical Marijuana Card, explore the KIF platform.


Who is a heavy marijuana smoker/user?

  • Typically, heavy marijuana consumers are the ones who smoke or consume cannabis every day or almost every day at a percentage appropriate enough to cause intoxication.

What are the main causes of dizziness after marijuana use?

  • Although the THC suddenly lowering blood pressure can make you feel dizzy, other causes of marijuana use dizziness are anxiety and stress.

Does cannabis indeed cause dizziness?

  • Yes, cannabis can result in dizziness as the THC within marijuana lowers your blood pressure and enhances cerebral blood flow.

Should I feel dizzy after using marijuana?

  • Take no worries if you feel dizziness after marijuana use. However, a good session after a tolerance break is something that makes people feel dizzy.

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