Is Weed Legal In Texas?
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Only the medical use of marijuana is permitted in Texas. Only diagnosed patients of any age by qualified doctors in Texas State are permitted to use medical marijuana under a government program. However, the Texas Government strictly monitors the amount of marijuana used for medicinal purposes.

Getting an MMJ or medical marijuana card using online platforms like KIF can give you access to buy marijuana from any authorized dispensary in Texas legally. But even if you are qualified for a Texas medical marijuana card, it is imperative to follow the limits and restrictions established by the legislation on marijuana.

At the moment, Texas does not completely legalize marijuana in any form. Texas’ low-THC cannabis, which is exclusively accessible to approved individuals who follow the correct procedures to acquire a prescription, is the closest thing the state has to legal cannabis.

Despite being of the same species as hemp, marijuana is legally distinct from hemp since anything with a THC content of more than 0.3% is regarded as marijuana and a restricted substance. The CUP Program in Texas has a weight-based THC limit of 0.5%.

This is significant since marijuana THC concentrations can range from 50 to 75 percent or higher in the world of legalized cannabis. Products with a high THC content, such as moon rocks and crystalline can have up to 90% THC by weight.

Is Cannabis Decriminalized In Texas?

Texas has loosened several strict regulations surrounding cannabis possession and the law due to its historically severe penalties. The state hasn’t decriminalized it entirely. House Bill 63, or HB 218 for 2023, passed and is now awaiting action, much like the failed bill.

If passed into law, it would be a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a maximum penalty of $500 and no imprisonment for possessing up to an ounce of marijuana. If approved, Texas would practically decriminalize marijuana.

Texas has various cities that have decriminalized marijuana, much like many other states. They have established “cite and release” regulations for minor amounts of marijuana. The plan was for the police to write a citation or penalty and let the people they had stopped go.

Given that cannabis offenses were first prosecuted in Texas upon the approval of Proposition A by the Austin voters, things are incredibly progressive for this state.

Medicinal Cannabis Laws In Texas: An Overview

Formed and deployed by the Texas Government, The CURT or the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas allows Texas residents to buy and possess marijuana for medicinal purposes given they meet certain medical criteria.

However, only Texas-based permanent residents can apply for the CURT program. By advising the right dosage of medical cannabis for medical use – ignored by the state’s health department – it is a digital platform that enables registered doctors or Texas practitioners to sign up their patients.

Medicinal Marijuana Law Violation In Texas: Fine & Penalties

Possessing less than two ounces of weed is considered a Class B violation in Texas. If you’re proven guilty of a Class B misdemeanor, you’ll have to:

  • Face imprisonment for not more than six months
  • Pay a penalty fee of up to $ 2,000

But what if you possess over two to four ounces of weed in Texas? In that case, the state will consider it a Class A misdemeanor, which requires you to:

  • Serve a maximum of one year of imprisonment
  • Pay a penalty charge of not more than $4000

But things would go extreme if you possess over four ounces of weed in Texas. The state will not consider it a misdemeanor but a felony.

Marijuana Cultivation Laws In Texas

Patients with medical marijuana cannot cultivate marijuana in their houses for personal use. Cannabis or marijuana cannot be grown by people or organizations for personal or recreational use. Cannabis for medical use can only be grown by authorized farmers.

The only dispensaries authorized to grow low-THC cannabis for MMJ supply are those that have received DHS certification.

Taxes on Medicinal Marijuana In Texas

Despite medical marijuana being authorized, Texas has no cannabis sales tax. Texas does not impose percentage-of-price-based, weight-based, or controlled substance taxes on medical marijuana.

Caregiving Regulations In Texas For Cannabis Use

If they are older than 18, patients with medical conditions qualifying for medical cannabis purchases in Texas may purchase it themselves.

If not, the specifics of the patient’s suggestion can be used by their guardian, a nurse, or a social worker to purchase at the dispensary. Although there is no official application process, a caregiver in Texas must be above 21 and a resident of the state.

Cannabis Texas Law For Employment Discrimination

Patients who meet the criteria and use marijuana to treat their diseases are not given any protections under the Compassionate Use Act. The employer decides to consider employees who have MMJ prescriptions and use medical marijuana for private purposes.

An employer isn’t permitted to ask about an employee’s health specifics. However, they have the right to fire or review the employee if they use medical marijuana while working or not. Furthermore, no regulation specifies that an employee prescribed to use medical marijuana may be fired by their employer.

Updated Medical Marijuana Laws In Texas: For 2024

In states where cannabis use has not yet been legalized, laws that might potentially alter the situation are pending. Whether they actually pass into law, though, only time will tell. HB 1535, passed in June 2021, increased the scope of the medical marijuana program to cover PTSD and cancer as well as more medical research.

As of 2023, House Bill 1805 aims to set a per-dose THC restriction rather than a percentage limit for all patients and broaden the scope of the diseases covered by the law. Patients would then have access to greater dosages to more effectively alleviate their problems.

Final Thoughts

You must abide by Texas cannabis laws and regulations to avoid fines and jail terms. You can explore the KIF Doctor platform at any moment if you’re still unclear about the marijuana laws in Texas.

Also, this platform helps you generate a medicinal marijuana card (MMJ card) in no time to simplify access to marijuana stores in Texas. This platform aims to help people use marijuana to treat their medical issues without legal hassle.


What Happens If I drive after using marijuana in Texas?

  • If you are not a legal marijuana user in Texas, handling a vehicle with any form of banned drug in your system could result in criminal prosecution. However, driving while impaired by legal medications can also result in a DUI. The penalty varies depending on the situation, from a $ 1,000 fine for first-timers to a $10,000 fine for third-time offenders. Also, this felony involves a jail term.

What is the reciprocity status of marijuana cards or prescriptions from other states?

  • Health Cannabis Texas opposes reciprocity with other states and does not recognize identification cards or prescriptions for medical marijuana from such states or nations. So, to buy medical cannabis in Texas, you only need to have the Texas CURT program. Cards from other states are not considered.

When does my Texas medical marijuana card or certification expire?

  • Anyone can participate in the Texas medical marijuana certification program without ID or fees. However, the eligible patients must undergo screening or consult the prescribing physician once a year. This is crucial to keep your prescription renewed and updated. So, if a prescription is not continuously updated with the patient’s medical diagnosis and consultation, it will be deemed expired.

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