Can Cannabis Cause Postural/Orthostatic Hypotension?
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Orthostatic hypotension, also known as postural hypotension, is a type of low blood pressure that happens after a change in posture, such as standing up after laying down or sitting down.

A normal alteration in blood flow brought on by sitting or lying down causes postural hypotension. Blood naturally tends to collect near the legs and abdomen when we sit or lay down because of gravity.

The body then briefly experiences low blood pressure as a result of less blood returning to the heart after standing up. Near the heart and neck, specialized cells called baroreceptors detect this reduction in blood pressure and transmit signals to the brain instructing the heart to beat more quickly to boost blood flow. To further raise blood pressure, baroreceptors also tell blood vessels to narrow.

Dizziness, lightheadedness, blurred vision, weakness, and even fainting are signs of postural hypotension, which develops when this body’s normal process for raising blood pressure is interrupted.

CBD & Blood Pressure

So, you’re curious about how CBD affects blood pressure and whether it’s a workable medicinal or recreational alternative.

CBD is non-psychoactive which is well known for its numerous potential advantages for both physical and mental wellness. It might be beneficial for several blood pressure-related health issues.

Using CBD With Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

If you have any pre-existing diseases, use any medications, or take dietary supplements, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor before using CBD. Depending on your health history, including factors affecting your blood pressure, your doctor will be able to advise you whether CBD is a good or bad idea.

If your healthcare professional approves of you trying CBD, then:

  • Make sure to use the purest, best CBD products available. Your chances of getting better outcomes will increase!
  • Additionally, you might want to choose products with full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. They contain at least traces of THC, which may assist to moderate the effects of CBD’s blood pressure-altering properties.

How to speak with a Doctor about Hypotension due to Cannabis?

Your use of cannabis should be discussed with your healthcare physician openly and honestly. It will be crucial that they understand so that neither you nor they undergo any pointless intrusive tests or treatments. Despite the potential stigma attached to cannabis usage, doctors are mandated to maintain the confidentiality of information revealed during sessions. Thus, patients have no incentive to conceal information regarding their use of the drug. Given the severity of your problem, it might also be a good idea for you to speak with a cardiologist. Be careful to list all of the additional environmental conditions, such as the hot weather, having a meal just before fainting, and the use of alcohol that may have contributed to this event.

What type of CBD is best for Hypotension?

  • There is no specific CBD strain that can be used for hypotension; further study into CBD’s effects is required.
  • Some forms of CBD are absorbed by the blood more quickly than others. The best forms of CBD should be taken:
  • Gummies and capsules dissolve in the stomach and take 30 to 1 hour to absorb.
  • Under-the-tongue administration of CBD oils, tinctures, and sprays often produces results in 15-20 minutes.
  • CBD creams and ointments are not a good option for those trying to control their blood pressure because they are generally used to treat localized pain, such as swelling or tight muscles.


If you have ever experienced hypotension, speak with your doctor before using CBD. Your doctor is most suited to assist you in addressing any health issues you may have and to provide advice on whether CBD is right for you.

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