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White Cherry Gelato

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About White Cherry Gelato Strain

White Cherry Gelato has some recognisable effects and uplifting flavors for Cherry phenotype users. After the backpackboyz finished breeding it for us, it is evenly split between Indica and Sativa and is simply named after its parents, White Cherry and Gelato. It is widely cultivated in California and renowned for having a deliciously euphoric and fruity peanut butter flavor.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavor

Nugs of the White Cherry Gelato strain are extremely dense, dark green, purple, and covered in bright orange pistils. Although the trichomes are brilliant, their placement nearly seems arbitrary. Strong aromas of pine, mint, and spice are released by the plant, creating an overall energizing outdoor fragrance profile. These characteristics are probably derived from dominating sweet terpenes like pinene and linalool. If you keep sniffing, you’ll discover how resinous and waxy the nugs feel to the touch, with a lingering vanilla scent.

White Cherry Gelato smells spicy, piney, and gassy when you first inhale it. WCG doesn’t mess around; it gives you the OG high packaged in a distinctive flavor profile. It has strong flowery and sweet flavors, as well as undertones of citrus, almonds, herbs, and spicy fruits. Some users claim to have tasted peanut butter, but it was more acidic, peppery, and earthy.


In a classic stoner’s high, your brain will start to feel numb immediately. You’ll start to experience an average THC level of 18% as you start to feel uplifted, at ease, and relaxed. While enjoying White Cherry Gelato snacks, you won’t be moving anytime soon.

This is why WCG is so well-liked by those who have chronic nausea and appetite loss—it makes you feel peckish and ready for a snack. Stress, melancholy, and those terrible migraines brought on by work stress shouldn’t have much of a chance against a deep breath of gelato.

Due to its flavors and effects, this strain is a favorite in the area. It only takes one powerful, gassy exhale and one herbaceous, delectably sweet inhale to send you trekking through the mental woods while confined to your couch (and sporting a White Cherry Gelato face). Any hectic week can be eased by feeling rational, satiated, and relaxed. Its capacity to eliminate migraines that impair your ability to concentrate as well as headaches could make it a vital “herbal remedy” for your late afternoons.


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