Is Marijuana Legal In Sweden?
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Cannabis used for recreational purposes is prohibited in Sweden, and this law is vigorously enforced.

This covers all instances of personal use or possession, both of which are offenses. The Narcotic Drugs (Punishment) Act of 1968 forbids certain actions.

Fines and even incarceration are possible penalties. Ten years in prison is the maximum penalty for having or using any illegal substance.

Compared to other European nations, Sweden has very strict drug prohibitions.

Technically speaking, medical cannabis was legalized in 2012, but with few restrictions. The few products that are accessible must be prescribed by a doctor.

Sweden Medical Marijuana Laws

Sweden has strong rules governing the use of medical cannabis.

There are now very few medical cannabis products on the market, such as Marinol, a synthetic THC pill, and Sativex, a cannabis-based mouth spray with THC and CBD that is exclusively approved for use in patients with multiple sclerosis.

These can only be obtained after a patient has tried every other course of treatment and requires a doctor’s prescription. Additionally, there are often just a few illnesses for which medical cannabis is considered.

Even though patients already have a prescription, pharmacies need a specific license to distribute Bediol, another medical cannabis medication, to patients. Bediol often comes in oil form. Furthermore, “special circumstances” must exist to prescribe this drug.

How Much Marijuana Can I Legally Possess in Sweden if I Have an MMJ Card?

MMJ cards are not used in Sweden. You need a prescription from your doctor to use medical cannabis products. Few patients are currently using these products, and prescriptions are quite scarce.

There are restrictions on the circumstances in which medical cannabis may be administered; at the moment, it is typically only done for ailments like AIDS-related disorders or multiple sclerosis.

Cannabis items that are prescribed only may be in your possession; it is not authorized to grow cannabis for medical purposes. Additionally, the possession of cannabis for medical use without a prescription is forbidden.

How Do I Get Certified for Medical Cannabis in Sweden?

To become certified for medical cannabis products in Sweden, you must speak with your doctor. Products made from medical marijuana require a prescription.

Your doctor must first conclude that you have tried every possible course of treatment and nothing has worked. For medical cannabis to be used to treat your ailment, your doctor must also agree.

Some claim that, even in more extreme cases, obtaining a medical cannabis prescription in Sweden might be difficult. Some physicians might decide not to recommend medical marijuana at all.

Is Telemedicine Allowed in Sweden for Consultations Regarding Medical Cannabis?

There is no precise advice on how to provide medical cannabis products via telemedicine. It is recommended to speak with your physician or clinic for guidance on this issue.

To talk with your doctor about your medical needs and any unique conditions you may have, you’ll probably need to develop a long-term relationship.

This may call for one or more in-person appointments or specific tests that must be performed there.

Are Swedish Residents with Medical Cannabis Cards Protected by Employment Laws?

Since this is a relatively new sector and few patients are affected, there are no explicit job protections for those who are prescribed medical cannabis.

It is best to talk to your doctor or care team if you have any concerns about how medical marijuana might affect your job.

Can You Grow Marijuana in Sweden?

No. Cannabis cannot be grown legally in the country, and anyone caught doing so will be prosecuted.

The same rules apply if you want to grow marijuana for medical reasons, with a few exceptions.

The penalties for producing marijuana are less harsh in Sweden. The amount of the fine will vary, which is usually assessed depending on the perceived seriousness of the offense.


The recreational use of marijuana is illegal in Sweden but if your doctor recommends you to use it for medical purposes then there will not be any trouble for you.

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