Is Marijuana Legal In Greece?
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Greece forbids the use of marijuana for recreational purposes but allows it for medical purposes.

Even though possession of up to five grams of marijuana is now permitted, the penalty for growing marijuana illegally still carries a maximum sentence of eight years in jail.

Even though possession of recreational marijuana for personal use is no longer subject to the same harsh penalties it once did. Additionally, a fine of up to 500,000 EUR may be imposed.

Greece Marijuana Laws

In Greece, medical marijuana is legal. In addition to growing its cannabis, Greece also boasts several reputable importers of the drug for medical use.

Instead of the raw and dried form, current legislation allows medical providers to prescribe a variety of cannabis-derived products.

Some believe that the prescription of edibles may soon become legal.

Greece’s medical cannabis program has few clearly defined laws, thus many activities take place in a murky gray area.

For example, if there is proof that using cannabis will be beneficial, it may be prescribed for any medical condition.

It’s also not clear if minors can get marijuana prescriptions for medical purposes.

The following disorders have been supported as candidates for medical cannabis: epilepsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), nausea, and HIV/AIDS.

How Much Marijuana Can I Legally Possess in Greece if I Have an MMJ Card?

In Greek, medical marijuana cards are not available. Instead, a doctor’s prescription is required to be approved to possess medical marijuana.

Greece solely recommends licensed products, thus additional authentication procedures are not necessary.

How Do I Get Certified for Medical Cannabis in Greece?

Greece’s certification process for medicinal marijuana use can be challenging, but it’s not as tough as in other nations.

A doctor’s appointment is the initial need for certification. In Greece, a specialist does not have to write a prescription, so if your family physician is more familiar with your medical history, go see them.

Your medical history is crucial since medical marijuana is typically recommended as a last resort after all other treatment choices have failed.

This is especially true for ailments for which cannabis medicine is not commonly used. Given that medicinal cannabis is still in its infancy, it is crucial to discuss your past experiences with your doctor.

Is Greece Permitting Medical Cannabis Consultations Via Telemedicine?

Yes. In 2008, Greece passed legislation approving the use of telemedicine, making it one of the first nations to do so. Its telemedicine program has advanced further and now provides many patients around the nation with access to medical services.

Are Greece Residents With Medical Cannabis Cards Safe From Discrimination at Work?

Greece has a wide range of regulations promoting medical marijuana users but few employment laws.

The provision of high-quality, legally approved medical cannabis products is one of the indirect ways Greece assists marijuana users.

Additionally, there is a quicker certification process, which gives patients easier access to treatment.

What Are the Greece Requirements for Medical Cannabis Product Testing?

Only a small number of businesses cultivate medical cannabis in Greece. The Public Security Directorate of the Greek Police (SDS/AEA) monitors companies engaged in cultivation to make sure they are operating legally.

Greece demands extensive testing of pesticides, heavy metals, and THC concentrations.

Greece ended the prohibition on cannabis cultivation in 2018.

This makes it possible for industrial hemp suppliers and medical businesses to legally grow cannabis.

Additionally, it was done to encourage foreign investment in the industry.

To prevent any unlawful activities, the Greek government published regulations on how farmers would have to grow the crops.

The land must be fenced off and equipped with all essential infrastructure to prevent the product from having to be moved to another location for processing.

Government officials issued a warning that these activities would be the subject of regular, stringent inspections and that farmers would lose their special permits if they disobeyed the rules.

Hemp is allowed in Greece. Greek law allows for the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp, which has a low THC content of less than 0.3% by dry weight. Hemp is largely grown for industrial uses to produce fibers, oils, and other non-intoxicating goods.


Greece is not a marijuana-friendly nation when it comes to recreational use. However, Greece is adopting a positive attitude towards cannabis as it is allowed to use it for medical purposes. However, breaking the law is not advised, especially if you are a tourist in Greece.

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