Is Weed Legal in Argentina?
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Argentina has legalized medical marijuana. The use of small amounts of marijuana for personal use is no longer illegal in the South American nation.

In 2020, a law allowing home cultivation for patients with valid medical marijuana authorization was passed. And in May 2022, Argentina approved a law governing the industrial hemp and medical cannabis sectors.

In other words, Argentina has taken a very deliberate approach to the legalization of medical marijuana and industrial hemp.

Argentina Medical Marijuana Laws

Argentina has taken a fairly forward-thinking approach to the legalization of medical marijuana.

The Argentine Senate passed a law in 2017 to allow for scientific and medical study of the therapeutic use of cannabis and its derivatives. The federal government was the only entity allowed to produce cannabis under this regulation.

In 2020, a law enabled Argentines to cultivate marijuana at home for medical use. Patients must be approved on a case-by-case basis, and home growers must obtain authorization.

Additionally, the decree permitted the sale of cannabis products by pharmacists and ordered health insurers to pay for patients who have valid prescriptions for cannabis-related treatments.

Not only that, the decree also permitted the use of cannabis and its derivatives for those who have an approved medical condition.

Argentina Is Establishing Facilities For the Production and Cultivation of Cannabis at a Faster Pace

Argentina has been active in launching cannabis research and development projects since the passing of 2022 legislation. This law created a framework for the industrial hemp and medical marijuana businesses.

Numerous initiatives are currently under progress in the provinces of Jujuy, La Rioja, Misiones, San Juan, and Santa Fe to cultivate pharmaceutical-grade cannabis for medical purposes or to experiment with various cannabis genetics.

Can You Grow Cannabis in Argentina?

Due to the diversity of its environment and landscapes, Argentina has a diverse climate. Some areas, like La Rioja and Jujuy, have mostly moderate, subtropical climates with fertile soil that is perfect for outdoor cannabis growth.

Argentines who have been given approval and registered in the REPROCANN medical marijuana program are authorized to grow marijuana at home.

Public and private businesses that have been granted permission by ARICCAME, the country’s regulating body for the medical cannabis and industrial hemp industries, are also permitted to grow industrial hemp and medical marijuana in Argentina.

The Future of Marijuana in Argentina

Cannabis use in Argentina is still controversial regardless of these advancements. There has been drug-related violence in the nation in the past, and others say that legalizing drugs could make matters worse. Others contend that legalizing marijuana might boost the economy and lessen criminal activity linked to the illegal drug trade.


When it comes to marijuana, Argentina is one of the most liberal nations in Latin America.

The country of South America has legalized medical cannabis and decriminalized marijuana usage in small amounts for personal use. Patients who have been given permission can even grow marijuana at home for medical purposes.

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