Is Weed Legal in Armenia?
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In Armenia, marijuana is prohibited for all purposes.

There may be charges and consequences for possession, cultivation, and sales. Furthermore, marijuana usage is widely viewed as immoral in Armenia’s traditional society. The progressive population continues to consume marijuana widely despite the laws and social criticism. In reality, it has been claimed that Armenian residents grow cannabis plants and make hashish from them for local use. But in Armenia, those who grow or smoke marijuana run the risk of facing harsh punishments.

Armenia Medical Marijuana Laws

Cannabis has been grown for a very long time in Armenia, which makes sense considering that the country’s mountainous regions naturally grow the plant. However, the current administration continues to denounce the plant, so there is no law regulating its usage for medical purposes.

Armenia maintains strict laws against all drugs, including marijuana. Travelers who disobey these laws while in Armenia risk detention. Additionally, receiving marijuana parcels, even in tiny amounts, is forbidden nationwide.

Some sources also claim that Armenia has relaxed its attitude toward marijuana, favoring hefty fines and shorter prison sentences (an average of two months) for individuals caught with small amounts.

What Armenians Should Know About Medical Cannabis

Armenian authorities have not made any effort to legalize medical marijuana. The nationwide production, sale, and possession of medical marijuana products are prohibited.

Industrial Hemp Laws and CBD Oil Access

Until recently, Armenians were unable to plant hemp, despite the crop being one of the country’s main sources of textile manufacture during the Soviet era.

In 2021, Armenia fully legalized industrial hemp exports, sales, manufacture, and production. The Ministry of the Economy found that industrial hemp growing, primarily for thread, textiles, paper, paints, cosmetics, and other items, could generate jobs and high income through local demand and European exports.

Similar to the U.S. Farm Bill, Bill G-963 states that hemp harvests cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. Each licensed business is only allowed to produce 20,000 tons of CBD oil and 20,000 tons of hemp flower.

It is not explicitly stated in Bill G-963 that CBD oil may be consumed. However, Reddit users from Armenia believe that it’s simple to get CBD oil through local shops.

Cannabis cannot be grown for personal medical or recreational use by Armenian people. Only businesses with substantial financial resources may be eligible for a license to cultivate hemp for industrial use or cannabis for research.

Recreational Marijuana in Armenia

In Armenia, it is against the law to grow, sell, or possess cannabis for recreational purposes.


How do people get marijuana in Armenia?

  • According to reports, rural Armenians cultivate marijuana in many of the nation’s villages Additionally, city dwellers, including those in Yerevan, purchase marijuana through Telegram channels. Armenians discover creative methods to grow and use the plant despite strict regulations.

Are there any penalties for smoking marijuana in public places in Armenia?

  • For anyone found smoking cannabis, including hemp, in public, there are strict rules and penalties. Depending on the situation, penalties may include fines and jail.

What do Armenian citizens think about cannabis?

  • Many Armenians favor marijuana use. Politicians do not support legalization since the nation is quite conservative.


In Armenia, marijuana is still illegal in all forms; possession, cultivation, and sales are all punishable by law. However, a growing population is consuming cannabis at their own risk despite the strict laws.

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