Is Weed Legal In Angola?
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Cannabis cultivation, possession, and consumption are all prohibited in Angola.

Cannabis compounds like CBD are also illegal, even if the product is made from industrial hemp.

Angola Medical Marijuana Law

Angola is a well-known cocaine trafficking hub. The country provides the route for the illegal trade of narcotic substances from Latin American and African nations like Nigeria and South Africa.

Cannabis is the most widely used and commercialized illegal substance in the nation.

The death penalty was abolished in Angola in 1992, yet the country once had strict regulations against drug usage. However, harsh penalties including jail time and fines are still applied.

Cannabis cultivation, use, and possession all carry harsh penalties, including hefty fines and long sentences in prison.

As a result of the increased number of prisoners suffering from mental illness and substance use disorders, New rules governing drug offenses have been passed in Angola.

The passage of Article 26 of Law No. 3/99, on August 6, 1999, permits alternative sentences of drug rehabilitation for people found guilty of minor offenses while intoxicated.

Even while small offenses receive rehabilitative measures, witnessing more severe penalties is not unusual. People who are caught with moderate to large amounts of cannabis may still be subject to fines and jail time.

What You Should Know About Medical Cannabis in Angola?

Marijuana and its derivatives are prohibited in Angola; therefore, it is unlawful to possess and use cannabis for either recreational or therapeutic purposes. The production of cannabis is also forbidden.

While neighboring nations like Zimbabwe and Zambia have legalized marijuana, Angola reaffirmed its position at the United Nations Commission of Narcotics and Drugs in 2022 that marijuana and other psychotropic substances are still illegal.

Can You Grow Cannabis in Angola?

Although Angola has a long history with the continent, it is not permitted to produce marijuana there.

Cannabis was previously widely grown throughout Africa and has been used there for generations. In Angola, during the height of colonialism, farmers grew cannabis as a profitable cash crop.

Marijuana prohibition was established in 1913 along with marijuana control laws to discourage the use of cannabis by colonial soldiers.

By the 1920s, most African colonies, including Angola, had outlawed marijuana.

Cannabis production in Angola is expanding even though marijuana is still prohibited.

Authorities in Angola have made substantial efforts in recent years to restrict the sale and cultivation of marijuana, including countless raids and eradicating thousands of marijuana plants in the process.

Can cannabis seeds be sent to Angola?

Cannabis seeds are also prohibited to use, purchased, or sold since they are recognized by the law as being identical to the cannabis plant. Therefore, they cannot be mailed to the nation.


Cannabis is prohibited in Angola for possession, sale, cultivation, and use, yet it is the country’s most popular and widely used illicit cash crop.

There haven’t been any initiatives taken to make marijuana legal for either recreational or medical use. Despite the decriminalization of marijuana in certain African countries, Angola is still dedicated to outlawing all varieties of cannabis for personal use.

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