Is Weed Legal In Anguilla?
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Marijuana use and growing are illegal in Anguilla, whether it is consumed for medical or recreational purposes.

The nation of the Caribbean island has recently softened its stance on marijuana, and the administration is looking into the possibility of legalizing it.

However, because Anguilla is a British territory, it is bound by agreements the UK has made, which makes full legalization difficult. It will be challenging for many individuals to access cannabis in Anguilla.

Anguilla Medical Marijuana Law

The Misuses of Drugs Act passed in 2000 in Anguilla, outlawed the cultivation, sale, and possession of cannabis or any portion of the plant, regardless of the use for which it was intended.

Anguilla’s policy is a reflection of the wider prohibition framework used in the United Kingdom.

The present political party in power is keeping its campaign pledge to lessen the harsh punishments given to drug offenders.

The Executive Council in late 2020 approved the creation of a policy decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of cannabis.

A bill, if passed, would decriminalize marijuana possession and recreational use on the island up to a specific amount. However, the criminal justice system would be involved if someone was found in possession of more marijuana or was accused of intending to sell it.

The decriminalization will increase access to cannabis use and lessen the burden on the jail system in Anguilla.

Medical Marijuana in Anguilla

In Anguilla, marijuana use, possession, and cultivation are all prohibited. In the same way, you cannot bring cannabis into the country.

Even if you have a medical marijuana card, it is advised that you leave your cannabis (including CBD) at home if you are planning a trip to Anguilla.

In Anguilla, it is against the law to own, grow, or sell marijuana, and those who do so face severe penalties under the country’s laws.

Despite the high quantities of THC in other cannabis forms, the law does not differentiate between CBD and other forms. In Anguilla, it is illegal to use or possess CBD.

Can You Grow Cannabis in Anguilla?

Cannabis cultivation for personal or medical use is prohibited in Anguilla and those who do so face severe penalties from the law.


In Anguilla, marijuana usage is forbidden for both recreational and medical purposes. Anguilla is close to taking the first step to explore the legalization of cannabis. As a first step, lawmakers are looking into decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

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