Does Oklahoma Accept Out-Of-State Medical Cards
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The state of Oklahoma is one of the 38 US states having an active Medical Marijuana Program. But what makes Oklahoma stand out among the lot?

One such query that often arises is: Does Oklahoma accept out-of-state medical cards?

Yes, Oklahoma does accept out-of-state Medical Marijuana cards and allows residents of other states to have a valid cannabis card to purchase/consume medical cannabis in Oklahoma.

We’ll delve into the intricacies of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana laws, focusing on Oklahoma Out-Of-State Medical Cards and what they entail for non-residents, including our neighbors from Texas.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Laws for Non-Resident


Navigating through the Oklahoma medical marijuana law for non-residents reveals that obtaining a temporary medical card is a streamlined process.

Non-residents with a valid medical marijuana card from their home state can apply online through the OMMA’s website. The following are the key regulations to note:

Eligibility: Any non-resident, 18 years and older, with a valid medical marijuana card from their home state, can apply. Minors can also apply with a designated caregiver.

Application Process: Applicants must submit a completed application online, including a copy of their out-of-state medical marijuana card and proof of identity.

Fee: A non-refundable application fee of $100 is required. Reduced fees may apply for temporary assistance program participants.

Purchase Limits: Once approved, non-residents can purchase, possess, and consume the same quantities of medical marijuana as Oklahoma residents.

Validity: The temporary license is valid for 30 days from the date of approval but may not exceed the expiration date of the out-of-state medical card.


Now The Question is, Can a Texas Resident Get a Medical Card in Oklahoma?


The answer is a resounding yes. Texas residents who hold a valid medical marijuana card from their home state can apply for and obtain a temporary medical card in Oklahoma, adhering to the same regulations and application procedures as other non-residents.

This means Texans can legally purchase and use medical marijuana in Oklahoma by leveraging the provisions made available by the Oklahoma Out-Of-State Medical Cards.

How The Kif Can Help You in The Whole Process

You don’t need to live in Oklahoma to get a temporary card, but you do need to be a resident to get a permanent one.

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Whether you’re just looking for information on an OK temporary card or you want to get an Oklahoma medical card for yourself, we are here to help. Take a look at all of our helpful resources below, or select your state from the given image today!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the temporary patient license valid in Oklahoma?

The temporary patient license will be valid for 30 days within the premises of Oklahoma state.

What documents are needed for the application in Oklahoma?

A valid government-issued Medical Marijuana Card, proof of your residency, and a digital, colorized picture of your face.

Can I use my out-of-state medical card in Oklahoma if it wasn’t issued by my state’s government?

No, you can’t use your out-of-state medical card in Oklahoma if it isn’t issued by your state’s government.

How does Oklahoma’s approach to out-of-state medical cards compare to other states?

The state of Oklahoma is quite welcoming when it comes to  medical card issued by other states while the only clause is that the card must be issued by a state’s government.

Do I need to renew my temporary patient license in Oklahoma, and how often?

The temporary license is only valid for 30 days after which you’ll have to renew it as long as you’re planning to stay within the state.

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