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About Stardawg Strain

Genetics & History

Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg were used to create the Sativa-dominant hybrid known as Stardawg, which was first developed in the Bay Area of California. It most likely earned its name from the strain’s crystalline trichomes, which resemble stars, and from its Chem/TresDAWG ancestry. Stardawg consistently has THC concentrations between 16 and 22 percent, which is above normal.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

People remark on the earthy, musky aroma with hints of diesel fuel. Cannabis enthusiasts enjoy the potent, pungent aroma, while novices and first-timers could find it overpowering. The scent has been compared to a chemical vat, a truck stop, morning breath, and roadside skunk.

Although these odors are unpleasant, cannabis aficionados enjoy them because they signal the powerful, hallucinogenic effects of Stardawg.


Patients who need help managing their symptoms of exhaustion, stress, and anxiety often turn to Stardawg. It lessens discomfort, treats digestive problems, and stimulates appetites, causing people to overeat and put on weight. Others use it to fall asleep at night and have better quality sleep.

People with serious medical conditions may want to try a different strain that has more of a body melt and pain relief because this one is sativa-dominant. Some people may cough as a result of the strong smoke flavor in their mouths.

Smaller doses of this strain should allow users to complete activities, conduct errands, and even go to work because it has uplifting cerebral effects that can energize the mind. Recreational users describe strong highs that may be too intense for beginners and that resemble spiritual trips. This strain is best used during the day, particularly as a wake and bake because the effects persist for quite a while. The buzz from Stardawg lasts for two to three hours, which is longer than many strains, which need to be reapplied after an hour or two.


Plants can be planted indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse by growers. Expect strong production and flower in 8 weeks. For optimal results, cure after cutting and trimming in a room with controlled humidity.

Stardawg is a well-known cannabis strain that was developed in California. The sativa-dominant strain prioritizes the cerebral effects over the indica effects. The gentle waves of appetite stimulation and pain alleviation may appeal to medical users. Recreational users use it to get up and bake, go on spiritual adventures outside of their bodies, or try to accomplish things, especially artistic projects!


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