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About Platinum OG Strain

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis strains, Platinum Strain stands out as a beacon of distinction. Platinum OG is as luxurious it sounds.

The indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Platinum Strain, usually referred to as “Platinum,” is well recognized for its potent and sedative effects. Its spectacular look, robust aroma, and complex flavour profile serve as its distinguishing features.

Due to its intense therapeutic qualities and alluring recreational experience, this strain has gained a devoted following among cannabis consumers who use it for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

History & Genetics

The luxurious nature of Platinum OG is apparent. It has a solid and sparkling effect and the sound of a very rare stone. The strain inclines toward indica (75/25) and focuses on the physical side of the high.

For Platinum OG, the THC content ranges from 20% to 24%. Additionally, 1% CBD and 1% CBN are retained in it. Mendocino Farms specifically bred Platinum OG to be a strong hitter. They developed a strain that is anything but soft by mixing OG Kush with Master Kush. Some scientists think that there may also be Mendocino Purps present.

This blending of genetics has resulted in a unique set of characteristics that set Platinum apart from its counterparts. This full-on body buzz can treat a migraine, enhance sleep, and leave you deliriously pleased. In addition to having a distinctive flavor, this well-known West Coast strain boasts mid-high THC levels.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavour

Platinum Strain is a visual masterpiece in the cannabis world. It features dense, tightly packed buds with a shimmering coat of resinous trichomes, giving the flowers a glistening, platinum-like sheen.

The buds themselves tend to be a vibrant green, often with patches of purple or hints of gold. The sheer visual appeal of Platinum Strain makes it a favourite among connoisseurs and growers alike.

The strain has a characteristic flavour reminiscent of pine nuts. It also has diesel undertones and a spicy aroma. There is also a slight taste of coffee. The mix produces none of the froufrou fruity flavours of some of these other strains; instead, it creates herbal, earthy sensations.

Upon consumption, Platinum Strain delivers a flavour profile that mirrors its aroma but with its unique twist. Users may detect flavours reminiscent of pine, lemon, and spice, making each inhale and exhale a flavourful journey. The combination of these flavours adds to the overall enjoyment of Platinum Strain. All this making it a sought-after option for cannabis enthusiasts.


As with any cannabis variety, careful dosing is essential to a positive experience. Platinum Strain is known for its potency, and novice users should exercise caution when determining their dosage. To get the desired results, starting with a modest dose and progressively increasing it as necessary is best.

For those seeking therapeutic benefits, a low to moderate dosage may be sufficient to alleviate symptoms such as pain, or insomnia. Recreational users looking for a euphoric experience may opt for a slightly higher dose, but they should always be mindful of their tolerance levels and personal preferences.


The effects of Platinum Strain are where it truly shines. This Indica-dominant hybrid offers a balanced combination of physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria.

When using this strain, users report feeling less anxious. Their migraine attacks fade away. Their mood swings, such as ADHD, stabilize. Their insomnia gradually gets better. As a result of Platinum OG’s physiological benefits, your body can also lessen inflammation and even ease muscle spasms. Also mentioned by users are dry lips and eyes.

The result is both euphoric and serene to the point of inducing sleep and immobilizing. On Platinum OG, you’ll be forced to relax on your couch and take in the intense physical high.

West Coast cannabis lovers are left wanting more due to the tingling chemical and diesel-fuelled feelings. Users in Arizona and Colorado have also joined the Platinum OG party. This one is a go-to remedy for mood and anxiety issues because of its concoction of astringent, spicy herbs and piney exhalation, with just a trace of wood and coffee.

It’s worth noting that individual experiences with Platinum Strain can vary based on dosage and personal disposition. Some users may find it uplifting, while others may feel more relaxed and sedated.

Methods of Consumption

Traditional smoking is still a common way to experience Platinum Strain. Users can pack the strain into a bong, pipe, or joint.

Using vaporizers to consume Platinum Strain is a cleaner and more covert option. Users can inhale the active components from the cannabis flower or concentrates without breathing in the dangerous combustion by-products.

Various edible goods, such as gummies or tinctures, can be made using Platinum Strain for individuals who would rather not inhale it. Although dosing can be challenging and the onset may be delayed. Edibles offer a more prolonged and frequently more intense experience.

Platinum Strain is also available as creams or oils for topical application. These products, when applied topically, can reduce regional discomfort. It also promotes relaxation without giving users a high.

Platinum Strain concentrates can be used for dabbing by experienced users looking for potent and fast-acting effects. However, this technique is not suggested for beginners because of its tremendous potency.

The choice of consumption method primarily depends on individual preferences and desired effects. It’s essential to consider factors such as dosage and the duration of the experience when selecting the correct method.


Understanding its growth requirements is crucial for those interested in cultivating their own Platinum Strain. It thrives in a warm and temperate climate. It can be grown inside or outdoors, but outdoor cultivation requires a Mediterranean-like climate with plenty of sunlight.

Indoor cultivation allows better control over environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and lighting. Outdoors, Platinum Strain plants can grow taller and produce larger yields if the climate is suitable.

Platinum OG grows best outdoors, especially in warm and sunny settings. It takes about about 63 days to bloom. Due to the strain’s hardiness, it is immune to mould and infections.
This makes it more forgiving of inexperienced gardeners, especially in humid climates.


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