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About Master Kush Strain

Master Kush is a hybrid strain created in the 1980s. It won in the best Kush category at the Highlife Awards in 2017. It was originally named High Rise but is also known as Grandmaster Kush. Master Kush is a very popular strain; it has also won 2 cannabis cup awards and is also the favorite strain of Snoop Dog.

Master Kush has been described as intense but not overwhelming, enabling one to experience a blissful high and boosting creativity and intellectual curiosity. Master Kush also boasts a range of medical benefits, like combating depression, anxiety, and stress, and it can also help with arthritis and headaches.

Master Kush is known for its blissful, rich highs and classic old-school taste and aroma. The feeling you get when you are high is complete relaxation paired with euphoria and deep calm. Master Kush has helped patients suffering from arthritis, depression, insomnia, and even people with PTSD stress.

History & genetics

Master Kush is a very potent Indica hybrid with a hybrid ration ratio of 10:90, with a THC content of 18% on average, resulting in a helpful medical strain. Master Kush is a hybrid cross between the true Hindu Kush and Skunk OG (#1), creating a very resilient plant.

Master Kush became famous as a stand-out tetraploid since most cannabis strains are diploids. Tetraploid strains are known to carry almost four times the amount of haploid chromones, hence creating eight sets. Master Kush is a flexible strain that grows on almost every grow system.

Appearance, aroma & flavour

Master Kush buds carry a refreshing citrusy smell with a hint of earthy tones that will instantly fill the room when you let it breathe.

The appearance of the buds is predominantly neon green with orange pistils protruding outwards and are covered with trichomes resembling snowflakes.

Master Kush has a very distinct smell. It has a very vintage, dark, earthy, and pungent taste combined with a zesty, citrusy aftertaste with hints of sandalwood.

It is a genuine Kush strain with rich flavors that lasts all the way down to the last hit of a joint. Because of its Kush lineage, Master Kush has an enjoyable high that never gets old.

Medical application

Master Kush has been around since the 90s.

It has anti-inflammatory qualities that ease the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Master Kush has limonene, which has mood-uplifting effects paired with its euphoric properties. Master Kush can help patients manage their depression.

With its high THC content, it can reduce acute and chronic pain. Master Kush also delivers long-lasting relief from migraines and headaches.

This strain, being an indica type, naturally aids patients struggling with sleeping disorders and insomnia. Master Kush has also been reported to have helped people with PTSD symptoms and those suffering from chronic stress.


Master Kush will make you feel relaxed, encourage introspection, and help you calm down. It is best to lay back and address problems or enjoy the high.

Master Kush behaves similarly to any other Kush out there, offering long-lasting effects. You will also experience some strong aphrodisiac-like qualities, allowing it to be a perfect evening companion.

Master Kush has a very potent but level effect from start to finish and tends to take the edge off things and help you relax. Master Kush has a strong body high along with some slightly pleasant psychedelic highs. Users can also experience common side effects like dry mouth and dry eyes.

Method of consumption

Master Kush can be experienced in various ways, from smoking, vaping, or even as edibles.
It has a very remarkable taste to it when smoked.

Its earthy and pungent smell gives off old-school vibes and makes it a nice strain to just roll and smoke, paired with the citrusy taste and woody undertones. It can also be used in a vape form to enhance the taste and better control the potency of the strain. Master Kush can also be consumed as an edible.


Master Kush is a relatively easy strain to grow, and it is well suited for beginners trying to grow their first cannabis plant with medium yield. Master Kush is quite a short and dense plant needing only short and dense grow space. Master Kush has a natural inclination for lower heights, making it easier to prune, ensuring that the best buds are developing.
Master Kush takes up to 60-73 days to flower.

Master Kush is a great indoor plant as it doesn’t do well outdoors, especially when it comes to the colder night temperatures. Master Kush, if grown indoors, needs to be adequately trimmed at the bottom for optimum airflow.

If you can manage to grow Master Kush in the right environment, albeit indoors or outdoors, you can expect a yield averaging around 15-20oz per plant indoors with 10-12oz in outdoor conditions.

Master Kush is a hybrid, with one of its parents being derived from the Hindu Kush region near the Afghan mountains. The plants from which it is derived have been growing for a long time without any human interference. Master Kush is an intense, robust strain that does not require too much TLC.


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