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About Member Berry Strain

The master breeders at Ethos Genetics have developed an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis called Member Berry.

In order to increase the potency and purity of contemporary cannabis, Ethos Genetics frequently creates its own potent hybrid strains. Ethos Genetics is committed to the integrity of pure cannabis genetics. Member Berry, a strain that is unique to the US, has gained a lot of popularity because of its namesake, the Member Berries. This name started appearing frequently on South Park in recent years. Skunk Berry and Mandarin Sunset were combined to create Member Berry’s award-winning genetics. A few different phenotypes that generate fairly big numbers are produced by this powerful cross. Member Berry regularly tests for THC levels that average 24%, with an unidentified CBD level.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavor 

Due to the strain’s ability to exhibit a few different phenotypes, Member Berry plants are somewhat diverse. These buds primarily have bright green hues with deeper forest green accents. You can anticipate your buds to have substantial orange pistils that will wind from the center of these nugs to the outside.

The aroma that these buds emit is so wonderful that it will draw you to the bong from across the room. These lovely blossoms are said to contain aromas of fruit, citrus, and occasionally a hint of sweet skunk.  These plants yield anywhere from 60 to 80 grams of plant material per square foot, with some taller phenotypes growing higher than the typical Indica plant height.


Despite the Indica dominance of this strain, consumers may be surprised to find that the high’s onset is primarily cerebral in nature. Users have described the start of the high as feeling like a brain-shot of ecstasy. Member Berry sends uplifting, euphoric feelings through your body like an electric charge, boosting your mood to the stratosphere. After a few hits, you should be able to concentrate on whatever is in front of you because distractions disappear when you are under Member Berry’s influence.

You feel comfortable but not quite sedated as the high intensifies and becomes more and more focused on your body. When you’re physically at your most relaxed, some people find that it’s easy to fall asleep in the evenings, even if you have trouble finding comfort and peace in bed.

Member Berry Strain Helps With


25% of respondents said it reduces anxiety.


22% of respondents claim that it lessens depression.


22% of respondents claim it lessens stress.


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