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About Larry OG Strain

History & Genetics

Larry OG, also known as Lemon Larry, has been making the rounds at dispensaries all across the West Coast and Colorado. This indica was developed by the people at Cali Connection Seed Company in Orange County and gained notoriety by taking home the top prize for a medical indica strain at the 2014 Cannabis Cup.

The Larry OG strain was created by crossing the well-known OG Kush and the SFV OG Kush. Larry OG has a high THC content of about 21%. Usually, it has a CBD content of 0.5%.

Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

The Larry OG nugs have stunning looks. The dense nugs’ minty green texture is covered in a profusion of trichomes and orange-brown hair, and they appear to maintain just the proper amount of moisture, making them valuable to marijuana enthusiasts. The Larry OG’s predominant aroma is that of lemon, which accounts for its alternate name, “Lemon Larry.” On subsequent sniffs, you could detect the undertone odors of pine and soil.

The Larry OG tastes exactly how its aroma would lead you to believe. The kush’s pleasant, lemony flavor does not irritate the throat. However, it is fairly strong and quite taxing on the lungs.


The effects of the hits don’t take long to become visible. The Larry OG totally relaxes the body and gives you a cheerful, euphoric, and productive feeling. As a result, it virtually immediately reduces tension and becomes a good companion for people who are depressed. In fact, many users claim that while high on this strain, they simultaneously feel relaxed and stimulated. You could find that it sharpens your focus.

Due to the Larry OG’s ability to relax the body, it can help you get over physical discomfort. You can feel really hungry because of the high THC concentration. While the buzz is there, you can feel dry lips and dry eyes.


The Cali Connection Seed Company originated The Larry OG in Orange County. It takes 65 to 70 days for it to flower and produces a lot of fruit. Larry OG is the ideal variety for anyone seeking a calming body high.


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