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Ice Cream Runtz

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About Ice Cream Runtz Strain

History & Genetics

Ice Cream Runtz is the creamy offspring of Wedding Cake and Gelato 33. It inherited strong THC levels, a developing structure covered in snowy trichomes, and as much dessert-like charm as you might anticipate. Though the breeder has not yet confirmed it, there is some evidence to suggest that this strain is related to Ice Cream Kush. The majority of its genetic material is unverified, it is generally believed that this strain is based on Gelato and has a small indica dominance.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Ice Cream Runtz has a flavor profile that is a surge of sweet confectionery deliciousness. The vanilla sweetness of the inhale is intense, resembling the flavor of sweet dough. Along with the creamy thickness of the exhale, which feels like breathing out a thick palate of frosting, there are flavors of candies and nuts mixed in. Some people have noted a bright, citrusy sensation that is similar to the smell of pineapple. This strain is for consumers who need a sweet, joyful high without skunk or chemical flavors. Ice Cream Runtz is the cannabis equivalent of licking the frosting spoon .

The plant is stuffed spherical nugs that are olive green and dotted with amber pistils. These tiny nuggets have crystal trichomes that are lavender-white on top of the deep green and dark purple hues.


According to several user testimonials, the Ice Cream Runtz strain is so delicious that it stimulates appetite, potentially soothing the stomach while also calming the mind. The strain is best utilized at night when a little tiredness becomes a distraction. Users who typically have difficulties falling asleep are gradually becoming aware of the calming qualities of this new strain, which include the capacity to sedate you in a hazy fog of sugary peace. This strain might be the new activity or snack you’ve been hunting for if you enjoy napping and have a huge sweet taste.


The strain can be grown at anyplace and takes 8 to 9 weeks for it to flower. We recommend it for experienced growers due to the great yield and medium-to-tall plant.


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