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GMO Cookies

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About GMO Cookies Marijuana Strain

The majority of bloggers point out that GMO cookies aren’t “genetically modified organisms” like those used in food production. But if you think about it, cannabis strains are genetically modified—just perhaps not in the same way. GMO, sometimes known as Garlic Cookies or GMO for short, is a powerful Indica-predominant (90/10) strain with a strong sedative effect. It was created by the Spanish breeder Mamiko Seeds using Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies. It acquires its stale flavors and extreme pungency from here. GMO Cookies are the way to go if you want to soar high and stink all the way there.

There are more options available besides these GMO Cookies. Some scientists believe the strain was created by Skunkmasterflex. A variation of this strain from Divine Genetics is called Chem Cookies; it shares similar genetics in terms of look but has an entirely distinct profile due to various phenotypes. The flat, pepper-shaped, orange and purple buds are covered in a layer of transparent trichomes and have an orange and purple hue.

Flavor and Smell

A truly strange combination of flavors and sensations make up the smell. The flavor is overpoweringly garlicky, pungent, and spicy. It also gets up into your nostrils. You should get used to it because it will stay on your palate for a while. Herbs, spicy coffee, and rot are all present in the aroma. GMO cookies require hours of desire because they are difficult to get rid of.


If you’re prepared for taking GMO, it can also soothe and seduce you. You will spend hours in the clouds as it elevates your mind until you experience pure happiness. And after that, you’ll feel extremely at ease and drowsy as you go off to sleep. GMO cookies are so alluring that both the mind and the body succumb to them. The strain is perfect for persons who have chronic pain and inflammation. It has the 22% average THC level. GMO Cookies may be able to disrupt the cycle of fatigue and insomnia. Additionally, it disperses depressive clouds and aids in killing the stress vampire with the garlic of justice.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a strongly garlic- and spicy-flavored sedative, GMO Cookies will satisfy your cravings until you fall asleep. If you’re prepared for it, its herbal, spicy tones complement the exhilaration. GMO Cookies may provide something very special for those who are lacking in relaxation, need to sleep, and are growing weary of traditional treatments and that’s good! Because once you begin to enjoy it, you’ll be hooked for the rest of the evening.

GMO Cookies Strain Helps With


26% of respondents said it reduces anxiety.


18% of respondents claim that it reduces stress.


17% of folks claim it lessens their pain.


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Is GMO cookies a strong strain?

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