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Garlic Cookies

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About Garlic Cookies Strain

When it comes to cannabis, garlic strains have gained much popularity these days for their unique, delicious taste. These stains also have other names such as GMO, GMO cookie, and Chem cookie. It is a strong-smelling hybrid marijuana strain created by breeding two famous strains, Girl Scout Cookie and Chemdawg.

The strain has an average potency of over 30% THC. It provides a powerful and long-lasting effect on consumers. Due to its popularity, this strain won many cannabis awards, and it keeps its name at the top.

Garlic cookies mainly have Indica genetics but act as sativa. All that’s needed is the perfect proportion of supplements with impeccably good climate and lighting to get Garlic Treats to create impeccably formed buds.

History & Genetics

The Garlic Cookies is a combination of Girl Scouts and the Chemdawg strain. The Girl Scout cookie has been discovered since 2012 and is widely named as an iconic strain for its flavor and effects.

Also, the chem dawg strain is known for its strong and gasoline-like aroma. The combination of these two strains has gained remarkable popularity in the cannabis world. However, garlic cookies were invented in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The most well-known strain, chem dawg invented in the early 1990s it has a strong diesel-like smell, and it played a vital role in developing various cannabis. Meanwhile, Girl Scout Cookie is also a hybrid strain that originated by combining Durban poison and OG Kush, which contains a sweet and natural flavor profile.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavors

The garlic cookie is light in color, having multiple shades from green to dark purple. Its buds are thick and sticky, with a prosperity of trichomes giving it A shiny and glimmery look. It has a Taller and leaner branchlets stretch, and your smartest choice is to utilize various grids to support the extended colas from overturning towards the finish of the flowering time frame. It has bright orange hair, which can be visible on a green background, showing its appealing look in strain.

As mentioned, it has a strong diesel-like aroma, which Chemdawg gave. Regarding fragrance, Garlic cookie delivers a fresh crushed black paper smell. Also, while smoking, some consumers experience a sweet and spicy taste that completely covers the mouth. While smoking, it fills the room with full of fragrance. Garlic cookie strain is widely consumed for its unique flavor and aroma.


When it comes to dosing cannabis strains, it always comes with caution and a dosing procedure that needs to be followed for a better experience. First of all, know the THC level of the strain you are consuming. For garlic cookies, the THC range comes between 25% and 30%. Starting with a small dose will help you to enjoy long-lasting smoking.

Avoid consuming any strain on an empty stomach, and carry some water because smoking or vaping makes your mouth a bit dry. You can consume this strain both indoors and outdoors, which is its primary benefit for smokers. While consuming this strain, make sure you are aware of this stuff.


This strain has gained a lot of fame among cannabis enthusiasts due to its multiple benefits. The effects can differ for individual consumers, but it has a common effect in that it helps to provide both physical and mental relaxation. This also helps to reduce stress and tension.

Several users report that the Garlic Cookie strain improves their imagination, which is beneficial for producing creative or innovative work. A calm mind provides various ideas in an individual’s mind. Consumption of this strain relieves pain and anxiety so consumers can feel more comfortable.

If a person suffers from a low appetite issue and wants to increase their food consumption, then garlic strain will increase their appetite capacity. Some people also experience better social connectivity since it boosts the confidence of individual consumers. Additionally, always consume marijuana legally following prescribed dosages.

Methods of Consumption

The adaptability of garlic cookie strain has various methods of consumption, including smoking, vaping, dabbing, drugs, and beverages. Smoking is the most popular method of weed consumption by rolling joints and pipes. Vaping includes burning flowers and vaporizing the cookie. This makes it easy for a consumer to get a smooth experience.

For rapid effect, people also prefer dabbing by placing a tiny portion of cannabis and heating it at room temperature to get vaporization. Some pharmacy also provides cannabis in the form of pills and capsules to make easy consumption. Garlic Cookies or any other cannabis strain should be consumed in a way that considers your tolerance level and personal preferences.


The indoor atmosphere is best for growing garlic cookies where light and temperature can be controlled. It requires a temperature range from 21 to 26 degrees, and humidity must be between 40 to 50%. The proper climates provide a producer’s good crop. It requires 7 to 8 weeks to fully grow if you keep watering it and balancing the temperature daily.

After some weeks, the plant will bloom flowers and change color to cloudy and light amber, then gently harvest it. After harvesting, trim the buds and keep them for drying in a cold and dark place. Drying can take up to 1-2 weeks. Once the garlic cookie is dried, store it in a cool, dry, and dark place to stock it for a longer time. A person needs to be more patient while growing garlic-cook cannabis.



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