Can You Have A Concealed Carry And Medical Card In Florida?
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It is a surprise to know that many residents of Florida believe that someone can’t have a concealed weapon license (CWL) if they have a valid medical card at the same time. Today, let’s talk about the facts in detail.


Medical Marijuana and Concealed Carry Laws In Florida 2023


As per Florida state law, there’s no restriction on anyone with a CWL to surrender the license to get approval for a medical marijuana card. Florida became a state where medical marijuana was legal back in 2019.


Approval Process


The approval process for getting a cheap medical marijuana license in Florida is quite straightforward. You must be a resident of Florida and have a valid medical marijuana prescription from a certified physician.


Once you have all the necessary documents in your possession, you can apply via a state-regulated channel and receive your medical marijuana card through an email sent by Florida’s Health Department.


Concealed Weapon or Firearm License


The whole process of issuing and overseeing a CWL license is regulated by Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).


It is important to note that the department is not responsible for regulating or managing gun purchases within the state. To obtain a concealed weapon license (CWL) in Florida, you must be:

  • Older than 21.
  • A member of the military or an honorably discharged veteran.
  • Thoroughly trained in firearms and have certification to prove your credibility and skill.


Application Questions


There is some question asked in the CWL application form that often confuses a lot of people. Let’s take a look at such questions and what they require you to answer:


  • Question 14A: Question 14A asks if you have been arrested or charged for any controlled substance-related charges in the past 3 to 5 years or not. You have the legal right to state ‘no’ if you haven’t been charged under such sections or are a legal medical marijuana user.


  • Question 14B: Question 14B asks you whether you have been convicted for alcohol/drug abuse in the last 3 years or are marked as a habitual offender. You can proceed to write ‘no’ as per the logic used to answer question 14A.


  • FDACS Views: As per the commissioner’s office, medical marijuana is viewed by the FDACS as any other health medication. That means, your license of application won’t be revoked if you are or planning to become a medical marijuana user in the future.


Purchasing a Gun


This is where the real conflict rose as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives requires transactional records for the purchase of a firearm from a private/authorized dealer.


In any case, the form asks if you consume marijuana or other controlled substances. The form also places a warning in bold stating, ‘The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.


No State Protection


Now, the state laws are effective within the premises of a state and the state government has every right to practice these laws given that the federal laws aren’t dissolved or completely ignored during the process. This means that the residents of Florida can legally apply for a medical marijuana card and possess a CWL simultaneously, but can’t legally purchase a firearm.


Conflict Between Federal And State Law


The legalization of medical marijuana is something that is done on a state level. As per federal law, marijuana is still considered a Schedule I substance and is illegal to consume. This conflict between federal and state law confines the residents of Florida to only have a CWL and a medical marijuana card at the same time without the legal right to purchase a firearm.


The Situation In Florida


Due to the ongoing conflict between the state and federal laws, the residents of Florida are only limited to possessing a CWL and a medical marijuana card at the same time. Florida residents can’t purchase a new firearm with an MMJ card as that will be against the federal laws associated with firearms-related transactions.


Now The Question Is, Can You Have a Gun License And Medical Card In Florida in 2023?


When it comes to having a gun license (CWL) and a medical card in Florida then yes, you can legally have both. It is the new firearm purchase where having both licenses can cause legal troubles for you under federal law.


Affordable Options for Medical Marijuana Cards


For those who are exploring options to get a medical marijuana card in Florida, affordability is often a key consideration. There are several providers in the state offering competitive pricing, making it possible to find the cheapest marijuana card without compromising on the quality of service.


Researching and comparing different services can help you secure the most cost-effective option to meet your medical needs.


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