What are marijuana moon rocks
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Perhaps the hardest-hitting marijuana strain that can make you high enough to forget what your face actually looks like. This is what most Moon Rocks consumers have to say due to their super-high THC content.

It is quite safe to say that Moon Rocks aren’t for beginners as even the most experienced cannabis users prefer not to take a puff quite often. For anyone wondering what exactly Moon Rocks are, these are cannabis buds dipped in Hash Oil and rolled in Kief boosting the overall THC content within them.

Are Moon Rocks Potent?

Of course, they are! Most of the Cannabis flowers have a 20% THC concentration at max that is considered quite high. But Moon Rocks alone are expected to have up to 50% THC in concentration which makes them super potent and psychoactive in action.

Smoking Moon Rocks: Pros Vs Cons

Let’s talk about the pros first,

  • Makes you super-high.
  • Cost-Effective.
  • Great for medical marijuana users who require high-THC cannabis products.
  • Impressive conversation-starters.

Now the cons,

  • Getting super-high is not always the best idea (especially if you’re just a beginner).
  • Moon Rocks are super messy to consume.
  • Require special storage care or they can melt away.

Making Your Own Moon Rocks Back At Home: Guide 101

Before we can provide you with the steps to make your own Moon Rocks at home, you need to gather around some stuff like,

  • Your favorite strain buds
  • Your favorite liquid concentrate/hash oil
  • A Bowl of Kief
  • Tongs (or any grabbing/pinching apparatus)
  • Liquid droppers

Once you have all of the above-mentioned things arranged, you can now start following these steps,

  1. Take a nug or two of your favorite flower. Make sure that you go for the denser nugs in order to get a better grip in the end.
  2. Get your favorite concentrate, heat it up to make it liquid, and use a dropper to completely cover the buds. Make sure that you don’t oversaturate the buds as that will increase the drying time unnecessarily.
  3. Use the tongs to grab the bud and roll it in the Kief crystals until fully covered.
  4. Let the Moon Rocks dry and light them up for a smoke once ready.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks Properly?

There are only two ways of properly smoking Moon Rocks,

  • Moon Rocks is thick and greasy so using a bong or a pipe made out of some glassware will be a great choice as you won’t have to keep the flower lit like a normal blunt or joint.
  • Or you can throw your Moon Rocks on top of another flower to keep them lit so you can have a great time. But using Moon Rocks with another flower also means doubling the potency. Good luck with that!

Safety Precautions To Take

Stay Hydrated

Make sure that you’re well hydrated as long as the high doesn’t hit you. Once the high hits, you won’t even want to move and get a glass of water even if it’s feeling like you’re in a desert.

Eat Something Before Smoking

If you’re thinking about eating something after smoking Moon Rocks, forget about it already. If the potency becomes too much to handle, having food in your stomach will help you fight against nausea.

Wind Up All Your Tasks For The Day In Advance

As mentioned earlier, once the high hits, there’s no way you’re standing up to get any task done for quite a few hours. So, it is better to wind up all your tasks in advance.

Start Low & Go Slow

Don’t rush with Moon Rocks as the THC content will be skyrocketed. Start low and progress slowly familiarizing your body with this new ‘super-high’ sensation.

Choose Your environment Wisely

If you’re all set to light some Moon Rocks, do so in a comfy and vibe-boosting environment. You can’t predict for how long you’ll be waiting to reconnect back with Earth once that ‘high’ hits.

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