Maine Medical Marijuana Card for Minors
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The state of Maine is included within the list of US states that officially legalized medical cannabis in the initial days of the cannabis legalization drive. 63% of Maine residents voted in favor of Question 2 back in 1997, legalizing the use of medical cannabis within the state. Today, the state offers a broad and effective medical marijuana program open for both minors and adult patients within the state.

Eligibility requirements for a medical marijuana card in Maine

The only core eligibility set by the state of Maine to get a valid medical marijuana card is that you must be a resident of the state. In case of a visiting patient, you must already have a medical marijuana card issued by your state, proof of your identity, and proof of your stay within the state of Maine. Patients who are not yet 18 can apply for a medical marijuana card considering that they are accompanied by a designated caregiver.

Qualifying medical conditions

As of 2023, there is no official list of qualifying medical conditions that determine whether you’re eligible for a marijuana-based treatment or not. It is totally up to a registered medical doctor to determine whether you’re eligible for medical marijuana-based treatment or not.

What exactly is a caregiver?

A caregiver is an individual given the legal right to aid patients with marijuana possession and purchase. As per the Maine cannabis laws, a patient who is not yet 18 but does qualify for medical marijuana-based treatment can apply for an MMJ card if they are accompanied by a designated caregiver. The caregiver must be over 21 and apply for a caregiver’s license independently.

Medical Marijuana Laws for minors in Maine

  • Medical marijuana laws are the same for both adult and minor patients. Here are some prominent key points of these laws,
  • The state allows only eight licensed dispensaries to operate at a time.
  • Medical marijuana cardholders save as much as 10% tax on each cannabis-related purchase.
  • A person with a valid medical marijuana card can’t own a firearm or apply/work for a federal job.

Final Note

The state of Maine does take a lenient approach to medical marijuana-related matters, especially when it comes to letting patients who are not yet 18, apply for a medical marijuana card with a designated caregiver. However, the state does need to upgrade its overall cannabis laws.

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