Is Marijuana Legal In UAE?
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In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), both recreational and medical marijuana are illegal.

Despite recent relaxations in drug legislation, law enforcement continues to take any unauthorized drug use or possession very seriously.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Medical Marijuana Laws

The law has not yet undergone any significant modifications that would permit the use of medical marijuana in the UAE.

It is uncertain when or if medical marijuana will ever be legalized in the United Arab Emirates, even with some easing of the country’s strict drug regulations.

What to Know About Medical Cannabis in the United Arab Emirates?

Leave your cannabis at home if you intend to travel to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other city in the UAE, even if you are a patient.

There is a lot more background information and data regarding cannabis in the UAE that is relevant given recent changes to the laws.

Laws Are Changing

There have been some genuinely positive and unexpected reforms to certain drug regulations in the UAE, despite the fact that harsh drug restrictions are still common throughout the nation.

Most significantly, the minimum jail term for first-time drug users has been considerably decreased from two years to just three months.

However, the most unexpected modification to the UAE’s marijuana laws relates to THC-containing goods like edibles. Baking a batch of THC brownies won’t normally land you in jail, even if such items are still illegal.

THC-containing goods will be removed and destroyed instead. The cannabis flower itself does not appear to be affected by this.

Many Laws Are Still Harsh

While there have been indications of advancement in some legal areas, the UAE continues to strictly prohibit the use of illegal drugs in other areas, which may seem paradoxical.

One well-known instance is that of Peter Clarke, a citizen of the United States, who was arrested for drug possession in 2021 as a result of a positive drug test.

Although Clarke had used cannabis legally in Nevada before traveling to the UAE, the drug was nonetheless detected in his system, which was deemed sufficient justification for his detention. Clarke spent nearly two months in jail before being deported back to the United States, and he also had to pay heavy fines.

Even though the regulations are altering, you should still use the utmost caution when consuming marijuana in the UAE, and you might even wish to abstain from doing so before traveling.

Cannabis is still illegal in the UAE, and household marijuana cultivation is still prohibited. It is impossible to estimate the number of persons who choose to do this because those who choose to do so will not readily acknowledge doing so due to the risks of being detected.

Does the UAE allow the sale of marijuana?

In the Emirates, it is against the law to sell or distribute cannabis, and the penalties for doing so are more severe. The Anti-Narcotic Psychotropic Substances Law’s Article 46 stipulates that violators shall face “the penalty of imprisonment for a period of not less than 10 years and not more than 15 years.” A fine of “not less than 20,000 dirhams” will also be imposed on you.

In accordance with the legislation, trafficking in drugs is punishable by death, which in the UAE is typically accomplished by firing squad. In reality, this is only ever utilized in murder cases and is incredibly uncommon.


Cannabis lovers should be happy that some aspects of the United Arab Emirates’ drug laws have changed, but they should also be extremely cautious. If you want to travel to the UAE anytime soon, stay informed of the most recent cannabis laws to avoid running short of the authorities.

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