Is Marijuana Legal In Portugal?
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Marijuana is decriminalized for personal use in Portugal, but it’s not fully legalized.

Portugal has an extremely relaxed approach to drug use. Portugal’s National narcotics Coordinator oversaw the decriminalization of all narcotics, including marijuana.

This indicates that there are no legal repercussions for the occasional use and possession of cannabis. This does not imply that marijuana is authorized in Portugal.

You may possess up to 5 grams of hashish or 25 grams of cannabis flower for personal use without risking criminal prosecution, but you may also receive a warning or a fine. This possession restriction amounts to about 10 days’ worth of cannabis.

You can be subject to harsher punishments if you’re found with a second possession. You might have to finish a treatment program.

Cannabis cultivation, distribution, and trafficking are all prohibited and carry harsh penalties. The severity of the crime may influence the punishments.

Portugal has legalized medical marijuana, but a doctor’s prescription is required to get it from a drugstore. However, medical marijuana growing is prohibited, just like recreational marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Portugal

With a prescription, medical marijuana is allowed in Portugal. Technically, medical marijuana can be recommended by doctors for any disease. There are certain restrictions, though. These are listed below:

  • Doctors must think that a patient would benefit from medical marijuana
  • The patient must have tried all other conventional treatments
  • The other medications must have had serious negative effects

Under a doctor’s prescription, you can purchase cannabis or cannabis-related items from a pharmacy.

How Much Marijuana Can I Legally Possess in Portugal With an MMJ Card?

MMJ cards are not yet accepted in Portugal. You need a prescription from your doctor in order to possess medical marijuana.

After that, this prescription is filled at a pharmacy, where you might be required to pay a fee. You cannot personally produce cannabis, even if you have a prescription from a doctor and a convincing medical justification.

Possession of cannabis for recreational purposes is no longer illegal. This only applies to cannabis flowers weighing less than 25 g or 5 g of hashish. Any amount in excess of this could result in legal action.

How Do I Get Certified for Medical Cannabis in Portugal?

You need a doctor’s prescription in order to be approved for medical cannabis. The National Authority for Medicines and Health Products regulates these prescriptions.

There are several restrictions even though you can technically receive a medical cannabis prescription for any purpose.

For example, medical professionals specify which conditions medical cannabis is appropriate for. The possibility of multiple sclerosis or persistent pain is one such ailment.

Additionally, in order to be eligible for medical marijuana, you must have run out of therapeutic alternatives or have experienced severe negative effects from therapies. This may make getting medical cannabis quite challenging.

Is Portugal Permitting Medical Cannabis Consultations Via Telemedicine?

In Portugal, telemedicine is frequently employed. Before the COVID-19 epidemic, doctors in Portugal established telemedicine programs.

The Portuguese Medical Association has imposed some restrictions on telemedicine.

For example, telemedicine needs to be able to maintain standards that are comparable to in-person sessions. Before beginning telehealth, your doctor must thoroughly comprehend you and your situation.

As a result, before starting telehealth, you must have at least one in-person visit with your doctor. These factors make it possible that you won’t be able to use telemedicine to get medical cannabis. It is best to verify with your doctor or clinic if you are unsure.

Are Portugal’s Medical Cannabis Cardholders Protected by any Employment Laws?

People in Portugal who have prescriptions for medical cannabis are not specifically protected. In reality, there isn’t much legislation governing drug use at work.

Prescription medicines are included in this. As a result, many private businesses conduct their own drug tests. It is essential to speak with your doctor about the effects of medical marijuana on your job.

What Are Portugal’s Testing Requirements for Medical Cannabis Products?

Portugal’s National Authority for Medicines and Health Products oversees the production of medical cannabis products.

All cannabis products must undergo testing to demonstrate that they can be used as effective alternative therapy when other options have failed. Numerous safety and effectiveness requirements must be fulfilled.

The cultivation of cannabis plants for either therapeutic or recreational reasons is not permitted in Portugal. Cannabis growing licenses for medical use are only available to companies and organizations.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis in Portugal Without Fear?

The only secure place to buy marijuana in Portugal is a pharmacy.

However, in order to get medical cannabis, you must have a doctor’s prescription, which might be difficult to obtain. Cannabis for recreational use cannot be bought in a secure environment. There is no guarantee of quality or safety, and doing this is against the law.

Although Portugal has lenient drug and cannabis regulations, it can still be challenging to locate and buy marijuana.

Future of Cannabis in Portugal

Many have projected that cannabis in Portugal may become totally legal within the next few years due to the country’s lenient stance towards marijuana and recent investments in infrastructure for its production.


It’s critical to be informed that purchasing marijuana in Portugal is still prohibited. Low-THC CBD products are legitimately offered. It’s essential to remain knowledgeable about the current legal landscape and follow the rules.

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