Is Marijuana Legal in Paraguay?
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In terms of legalizing marijuana, Paraguay is one of the more forward-thinking nations in Latin America. Since 2017, marijuana used for medical purposes is permitted in Paraguay.

But marijuana use for recreational purposes is still illegal. For personal use, 10 grams or less of marijuana were decriminalized in 1988.

Paraguay Medical Marijuana Laws

With the adoption of Law 6007, medical marijuana became acceptable in Paraguay in 2017. A nationwide program for the study and development of the medical and scientific applications of cannabis was established by Law 6007.

The law also authorized the legal growing of cannabis for medical purposes in Paraguay. Medical cannabis can be used to treat patients who have prescriptions that have been approved by the Paraguayan Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare.

There is no comprehensive list of ailments that can be treated with medical marijuana. However, the law stipulates that any medical condition for which it is used must be supported by scientific proof.

In 2020, 12 pharmaceutical businesses received the first licenses from Paraguay to cultivate, produce, and export medical cannabis products.

Building vertically integrated cannabis facilities, obtaining accreditation, and starting mass production can take years for businesses, which is why medical marijuana products are still not readily available in Paraguay.

Individuals with medical marijuana certifications or their legal agents are now permitted to plant, grow, and process cannabis according to recent changes to the legislation.

The National Anti-drug Secretariat (SENAD) of Paraguay must authorize the land where the weed will be produced in addition to their certificate verified by the Ministry of Public Health. People with limited finances who might not have access to cannabis oil imported from abroad will benefit from this change in the law.

The Paraguayan Ministry of Health will subsequently distribute the products to local patients who might benefit from cannabis treatment. All medical cannabis growing license holders are required to donate 2% of their harvest to this organization. Additionally, all cannabis plants grown in Paraguay must have a THC content of 0.5% or below or they will be destroyed.

Things You Should Know about Marijuana in Paraguay

Cannabis used for personal use in small amounts has been made legal in Paraguay.

In 1988, Article 30 of Law 1340 provided that anyone found in possession of 10 grams or less of cannabis was free from punishment. The article states that people discovered in possession of more than 10 grams may face a sentence of two to four years in prison.

The greatest exporter of marijuana in the world and South America’s primary cannabis producer is Paraguay. But a lot of the marijuana grown in Paraguay is of questionable quality.

Cannabis from Paraguay is frequently compressed into “bricks” to facilitate smuggling across borders into nearby nations.

These bricks are frequently contaminated with chemicals, compressed using unhygienic equipment, and frequently moist while compressed, which promotes the development of fungi.

Authorities in Paraguay have just started working to eradicate illegal cannabis crops in Amambay, close to the Brazilian border.

According to the United Nations’ 2022 World Drug Report, the rural department of Amambay has long been the center of marijuana cultivation in Paraguay. The majority of the marijuana produced in Amambay is transported to Brazil, where a kilogram can fetch up to $150.

Yes, hemp was made legal in Paraguay in 2018 and planting started in 2019. The majority of Paraguay’s hemp exports go to its neighbors, making it the top producer of hemp in Latin America.

What are the cannabis cultivation regulations in Paraguay?

In Paraguay, growing marijuana for one’s own consumption or for recreational purposes is prohibited. The government has still made some allowances for the growth of cannabis for therapeutic and academic purposes. A resolution allowing for the restricted cultivation of cannabis by accredited organizations for research and medical purposes was approved in Paraguay in 2018. These facilities are subject to tight regulations for the production and processing of cannabis plants and must receive a license from the Ministry of Public Health.

What are the laws and penalties regarding cannabis in Paraguay?

The following are the cannabis-related laws and punishments in Paraguay:

  • Cannabis possession under 10 grams is no longer illegal and is not punishable by law.
  • The production of cannabis plants is forbidden and carries a possible 20-year prison sentence.
  • Cannabis cannot be distributed or sold, and those who do so risk up to 15 years in prison.
  • People with specific medical conditions, including epilepsy and severe pain, are permitted to use medical cannabis, but only with a doctor’s recommendation and authorized purchase.


A national initiative was started in Paraguay in 2017 to study the therapeutic uses of marijuana and to make its usage for this purpose legal.

The use of marijuana for recreational purposes remains prohibited in Paraguay, however personal use of up to 10 grams is now authorized.

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