Is Weed Legal In California?
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The legalization of weed in the USA first took place in California. In 1996, voters of California voted for the medical use of marijuana. It was a revolutionary decision made by the state government of California.

After two decades, residents of California attained the legal right to consume marijuana for recreational purposes. California opened the gate for weed consumption for recreation in 2016. Both laws marked California as a progressive state to liberalize weed in the USA.

Yes, recreational marijuana has been legal in California since 2016. According to Proposition 64, an adult of at least 21 can purchase marijuana. They can purchase up to 1 ounce or 28.5 grams of weed. When buying weed-infused products, the concentrate must be limited to 8 grams.

This proposition is also known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This act permits an adult to grow a maximum of 6 cannabis plants in their house. There is no restriction on the size and maturity of the plants. You can choose strains of your choice.

  • The Compassionate Use Act permitted the use of medical marijuana in 1996. The act is commonly known as Proposition 215. As per the regulations of Proposition 215, a licensed doctor has the legal right to prescribe weed as a medicine to needy patients. Under the same law, a needy patient has to be a qualifying patient. A qualifying patient must have a registered medical marijuana card to purchase medical marijuana from a licensed medical store. A card owner can buy the amount of weed recommended by their doctor. The minimum age bar for getting a medical marijuana card is 18 years. KIF helps qualifying patients in the speedy obtainment of that card.
  • California state laws do not just permit consuming and storing considerable weed in their home. It also allows a patient to cultivate 6 marijuana plants in their home. The card enables patients to cultivate more than 6 plants, irrespective of their strain, when necessary. For that, they must have a doctor’s prescription.
  • People have been using marijuana for therapeutic reasons for ages. Doctors prescribe marijuana to relieve the irresistible uneasiness of certain medical conditions like AIDS, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, cancer, severe nausea, chronic pain, and more. A patient must have any of these sicknesses to be a qualifying patient.

Penalties for Marijuana Possession

  • Possession of weed less than 28.5 grams more than once by someone below 18 years old is a misdeed. You will get counseling for 6 hours.
  • You will serve community service for 20 hours. It is the same for having above 8 grams of Hashish.
  • The penalty for the same misdeed for a person above 18 years and below 21 years is a fine of $100.
  • An adult of 21 will get a fine of $500 and experience a prison period of 6 months for the same illegal action.
  • An individual possessing weed over 28.5 grams inside school during school time will get a fine of $500. They may be sent to county jail for 10 days.
  • An individual below 18 years old will face up to 10 hours of counseling and 60 hours of community service for the same misdeed.
  • It is a misdemeanor when an adult of at least 21 is caught with weed above the legal quantity. They will face a fine of $500 and up to 6 months of imprisonment. It is the same for keeping above 8 grams of Hashish.

Is Weed Decriminalized in California?

California state government decriminalized weed for medical purposes in 1996. The state permitted adult use of marijuana in 2016. The federal law has not legalized weed for recreational use. So, it is a crime to consume marijuana on federal government property.

Future of Cannabis Legalization in California

California made history by permitting medical marijuana use in 1996. The cannabis market grew exponentially after 1996. The legalization of weed for recreational use took the industry a step forward.

The legalization has provided jobs to many job seekers and business owners in California. At present, cannabis is regarded as the largest cash crop in California. The market size has emerged to be a magnificent $11 billion.

The future of cannabis legalization is bright. The legal weed business market will grow further in the coming years thanks to the steady control of the illegal weed business.

California Marijuana Laws in 2023

  • Adults with a minimum age of 21 years are permitted to consume a maximum of 28.5 grams of marijuana for recreational reasons without the intention of selling it. A cardholder can possess more than that.
  • The same adults can cultivate a maximum of 6 plants. A medical marijuana card owner can cultivate even more, per a doctor’s recommendation.
  • A qualifying patient must be at least 18 to obtain a medical marijuana card. Minors need to submit the permission of their caregiver. KIF helps qualifying patients with their application processes effectively.
  • Caregivers can possess and cultivate on behalf of minors.
  • You cannot consume weed in public places. The law is applicable in schools and near children.


1. Can I sell Marijuana in California?

California permits adults and license holders to consume marijuana. But selling marijuana is illegal. Again, possessing marijuana with the intention of selling it is considered a crime.

It is a misdemeanor when the offender is a first-timer. Otherwise, it is a felony in California, according to Health and Safety Code 11359 HS.

2. What is the law for concentrated cannabis?

Resin separated from a cannabis plant is called concentrated cannabis. California state laws consider concentrated cannabis similar to cannabis.

Hence, the laws relating to concentrated cannabis are the same laws for cannabis. However, individuals must be at least 21 years old to possess and use concentrated cannabis for recreational purposes.

Medical marijuana patients with proper authorization can also legally possess and use concentrated cannabis.

3. Can I drive with marijuana?

You can drive with marijuana in a car. Please ensure that the quantity is not more than 28.5 grams. Keep the weed in a tight container, away from the driver’s seat.

You must not drive under the influence of weed. Moreover, carrying marijuana in a car across the state border is strictly prohibited. However, for those medical marijuana cardholders, there are no such limitations over quantity.

4. I am a caregiver of a minor. Can I care for multiple patients?

Yes. An adult caregiver has permission to care for multiple minor patients. However, all those patients must reside within the boundary of the same county or city.

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